CM – Tumbling Chinese missile is expected to reenter the atmosphere on May 8th


Pentagon expects the Chinese rocket to fall out of orbit and return to Earth’s atmosphere on May 8th

The Pentagon expects a tumbling Chinese rocket to fall out of orbit and return to Earth’s atmosphere on Saturday . According to official sources, however, it is too early to predict where debris will land.

Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin is regularly informed of the trajectory of the Long March 5B missile core, which successfully launched part of China’s first space station last month Pentagon spokesman John Kirby told reporters on Wednesday. While the missile is being monitored by US space command, Kirby said there is little the military can do about it right now.

« We don’t currently have enough information about re-entry and what it will look like to come up with one way or another to talk about certain actions, « said Kirby. « We’re too far out to speculate about what might be in sight. »

The Military’s 18th Space Control Squadron started posting daily updates on the missile’s location on this week .org.

China is ready to work with other countries on space-related security issues, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin said at a regular briefing in Beijing on Thursday when he asked about the rocket was.

Unlike most first stage launch vehicles, which usually put their payloads into orbit and immediately fall back to Earth in a pre-planned area, the Chinese rocket with the space station module also went into orbit, and some analysts did believe it is now falling.

The space debris problem escalates as nations and private corporations restrict the use of miniature and near-earth satellites accelerate. For the most part, satellites and space debris that get back into the atmosphere tend to burn themselves before they hit Earth, or they are directed to crash into the ocean far from land.

America first space station, Space Lab, reentered the atmosphere in July 1979, and some pieces fell into Western Australia. No one was injured.

China was criticized by then-NASA administrator Jim Bridenstine last year when debris from another Long March 5B rocket re-entered the atmosphere. Citing local reports, SpaceNews said at the time that pieces of debris up to 12 meters in length had landed in Cote d’Ivoire.

When asked about the re-entry of the Long March on Wednesday, Jen Psaki, spokeswoman for the White House that the US wants to work with other space nations to promote “responsible space behavior”.

“It is in the common interest of all nations to act responsibly in space for the security, stability, security and long-term sustainability of the Ensure space activities, « said Psaki. « We’re going to work on this with our international partners, and this will certainly be addressed – we will do that through these channels. »

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