CM – Valparaiso, the best Battlefield map, is in Battlefield 2042



Do you remember when multiplayer games came out with a dozen or so cards to play with instead of just a few? Sure, players would only grow together around two or three maps anyway, but Battlefield 2042 provided a handy reminder of the benefits of diversity. After so many games, it has a dozen classic and popular levels, and six of them will be playable in the new portal mode.

Brendy clarified the Battlefield Portal after its announcement during EA Play tonight. I’m just here to celebrate that one of Portal Valparaiso’s six maps is Bad Company 2 – aka the best Battlefield map.

Portal also includes Battle Of The Bulge and El Alamein from Battlefield 1942, Caspian Border and Noshahr Canals from Battlefield 3, and Arica Harbor, also from Bad Company 2. These are all great maps. There was also a suggestion that more maps be added after the release, and I hope we’ll see Wake Island from 1942, Gulf of Oman from Battlefield 2, and Paris from Battlefield 3 too. The series really has tons of great locations to choose from.

But if none of this happens, I’m happy with Valparaiso. It is located in the Chilean port city and is mainly remembered for its lighthouse. After passing a fishing port, the players had to attack a lighthouse that was inevitably defended by three snipers who landed a helicopter on its roof and could see any enemy approaching.

My favorite part of the card, however, came after that. After the defenses at the lighthouse were successfully overcome, attacking players were able to penetrate through some trees and then into a village. This gravel slope in the village is burned into my brain.

Battlefield has traditionally been good at two things. One is a spectacle, and this modest climb was tough. If you moved down, you were exposed to the defenders in the village below, firing at you from their entrenched positions. It was exhilarating to sprint for cover, machine gun and sniper fire rang out around your feet and mortar fire rang in your ears.

The other thing Battlefield is good at is asymmetrical skirmishes. The village itself is a maze of rickety, collapsible buildings where the attacker can see from dozens of angles through which you can see a defender. The odds are against you, which only makes it all the cuter when you can surprise these defenders with superior aiming or a sneaky angle of approach.

I must have played Valparaiso for 30 hours and all of my memories involve counting kills on that single part of the map. In fact, all of my memories of Bad Company 2 as a whole relate to that single part of the map. I love it, I look forward to revisiting it, especially as Portal will apparently allow me to mix the Spitfires of BF1942 with armies of the defibrillation medic from Battlefield 3 in custom game modes. Seriously, read Brendy’s preview, it sounds crazy.

Of course, I’m assuming you have your own favorite Battlefield map. You can’t convince me I’m wrong, but explain in the comments why you love your own favorite. Let’s all indulge in our old memories.

Graham Smith

Graham used to be to blame for all of this.

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