CM – WATCH: Michael D’s ‘attention-grabbing’ dog breaks the TV interview


Tuesday, May 4, 2021, 10:49 a.m.

By Ellen Smith

Michael D’s « attention grabbing » dog attempted to steal the show in a recent television interview.

The footage was shared on the President’s official TikTok account (yes, Michael D is on TikTok!) and received a lot of attention over the weekend.

In the clip, Michael D gives an interview to Higgins RTÉ News, next to which one of his dogs is standing. This is not an uncommon picture as the President’s loyal puppies are often spotted by his side.

However, this was a particularly remarkable appearance for one of the dogs, as he clearly wanted Michael D’s attention to focus on himself.

As the president tried to speak, the adorable animal could be seen pulling its owner’s hand to focus on itself.

One devotee imagined what the adorable pooch might have said, and joked « Papa, papa, papa, papa, papa, papa! » while another said, « Nothing but love and respect for my president. »

Another person asked, « What is in his pocket?  » while another said, « I love this man with all my heart. »

The President currently has 15.8,000 followers on the app and we assume you will be the next person to be added to this number.

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