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With the holidays approaching fast, PC gamers are undoubtedly looking forward to the Steam winter sale. Some PC gaming stores have already started their year-end sales, but few are the event the Steam Winter Sale has grown into over the years. The big question now is: “When does the Steam Winter Sale actually start?” While we have to rely on leaks or educated guesswork for most years, fortunately we have some specific details this year.

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Earlier this year, Valve itself announced the dates for a number of its year-end sales on the Steamworks documentation website, including the Steam Winter Sale. Thanks to that, we can pretty confidently say that the Steam Winter Sale 2021 will start on December 22nd, 2021. This is tomorrow for those who don’t have a calendar on hand.

Sales are expected to begin when the Steam Store updates tomorrow at 10 a.m. PST / 1 p.m. EST, and runs through January 5th at the same time. That gives PC gamers two weeks to browse through any deals they might be interested in, and we expect many discounts to be considered as this is one of two annual sales that the Steam library is doing strong is reduced.

This is the third sale in as many months for Steam that the Halloween and Fall sales were canceled in October and November, respectively. Both were smaller in size and shorter in duration than the Steam winter sale is expected to be.

Competitors to Steam, especially GOG and the Epic Games Store, have already started their year-end sales and are ahead of Steam in this regard. The Epic Games Store will be working extra hard this year, offering one free game every day and a $ 10 coupon for every full game priced at $ 14.99 or higher. Steam sales will almost certainly be more reluctant than Epic’s, although we still expect plenty of deep discounts.

Remember that voting for the 2021 Steam Awards will be open during the winter sales. Voting begins tomorrow with the arrival of the winter sales and ends on January 3 at 9:00 a.m. PST, with winners likely to be announced on the last full day of the auction. Although you can’t vote yet, you can view all of the categories and nominees on the Steam Store and decide now which games to vote for in due course. Otherwise, look for the Steam Winter Sale 2021 starting tomorrow December 22nd.


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