CM – Why the Internet has renewed its comparisons between Texas and The Handmaid’s Tale


Sergio Flores via Getty Images Pro-Choice protesters who marched against the new abortion proposals in Texas in March disguised as characters from Atwood’s « Handmaid’s Tale »

The controversial Texas abortion law passed Wednesday – and Twitter now claims that the fictional state of Gilead has been brought to life.

The new law is the most radical in the US today and has been compared to totalitarian rule, as is the case in Margaret Atwood’s 1985 book « The Handmaid’s Tale » popular television series of the same name.

The near-complete ban on abortion in Texas after the heartbeat of the fetus can be determined – usually after about six weeks – also allows any private individual to sue an abortion provider who violates the new regulation. In Atwood’s story, abortions are completely banned and the entire female population is categorized by fertility in an attempt to increase the population. after hearing the heartbeat.

This is because few people with a womb know they will become pregnant at this point in their pregnancy.

The law also introduces a minimum premium of $ 10,000 (£ 7,300 ) for those who successfully sue anyone suspected of assisting an abortion.

This reflects the way informants are used in the Handmaid’s Tale to help the state – a point that did not go unnoticed on Twitter.

One account claimed there were « shadows from #TheHandmaidsTale » and used the hashtag #TexasIsGilead, which referred to the fictional state in the novel.

A another tweeted, “That’s why I couldn’t watch the servants’ tale … because I knew it could happen here. It was too close to reality and it scared me. ”

What is your female constituency about this law? And the fact that a civilian can report anyone suspected of assisting a person with an abortion? Shades of # TheHandmaidsTale # texasisgilead # AbortionIsHealthcare

That’s why I couldn’t watch the servants’ tale … because I knew it could happen here. It was too close to reality and it terrified me.

The law was passed despite requests from pro-choice groups and the American Civil Liberties Union to the Supreme Court to temporarily block the ban. The judges didn’t act in time, which means things went well.

Angry Twitter accounts were flogged for « readiness » in the Supreme Court when the law went into effect.

Others joked about the greeting method The Handmaid’s Tale – « under his eye » – and rejected the idea of ​​wearing the red uniform assigned to the fictional « servants » in the book.

People laugh when we address Handmaid’s Tale re: Abortion, and then SCOTUS stands by as a law goes into effect that literally allows random vigilante groups to target anyone who even intends to help with access to abortion in Texas and creates a BOUNTY incentive of at least $ 10,000

This is literally the start of A Handmaid’s Tale. I don’t like those red Puritan getups.

Impressive! Very maid’s tale. Scary! But who knows how far this crazy new Republican party is going to go. I often think crazy thoughts like forcing women out of the workplace. I hope my imagination exceeds reality.

The Handmaid’s Tale has just been switched from « dystopian fiction » to « current events » in my indie bookstore.

Many reports have also called for action against the dramatic to seize new judgment.

Based on the playbook The Handmaid’s Tale. So, Dems … are we going to let them turn us into Gilead ?!

I assume that many Texas are leaving because of the draconian control of the state by the GQP.

I’m from Texas, love the country, but I can Do not stand leadership. My wife and I are talking about moving.

And I suppose we should start saying « Under his eyes »? Hope the Supreme Court does something to turn Texas into a modern servant story

Texas Governor Greg Abbott signed a no-go-home bill earlier this year, which means that if the Supreme Court overturns Roe v Wade at any point, all abortions in the state will become illegal.

Roe v Wade was a milestone in 1973 that allowed women in the states to abort pregnancies without severe state restrictions .

US President Joe Biden made an angry statement on the new law on Wednesday but made no suggestion to act directly against it anytime soon.

He said, « This extreme Texan law is blatantly contrary to constitutional law Right that under Roe v. Wade and set the precedent for nearly half a century.

« Texas law will seriously affect women’s access to the health care they need, especially for communities of color and low-income people.

 » And, unabashedly, individuals advocate bringing lawsuits against anyone they believe may have assisted another person with an abortion – that individual . Wade was deeply committed and will protect and defend this right. « 

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