CM – Wife catches deceitful husband kissing another woman on the doorbell camera he installed himself


Cheat people. Not everyone, but extramarital affairs are far too common than anyone could imagine. And there’s no great way to catch your partner cheating.

Whether you see a suspicious text message on her phone, smell another woman’s perfume on your partner’s shirt, or hear it from a friend, it is always a pill that you can swallow.

But catch your husband cheating on you with a lover on your doorstep via your home security camera

has to be one of the harder ways catching your partner red-handed. A woman,

Kaylie Kristina, says this is exactly what happened to her, and shared a video of her husband’s unfaithful act on TikTok.


claimed she caught her husband cheating on her after examining footage from her doorbell security camera.

Kaylie Kristina – known on TikTok as @ kaylie271 – shared shocking footage from the camera allegedly showing her spouse sneaking his scantily clad lover out of their marriage home in October, the New York Post reported > They seem to be kissing on the doorstep, apparently not knowing that the doorbell camera is capturing their moment.

“When your husband is too sick to go on the family outing you are planning,” Kristina captioned the first clip.

At the beginning of the clip, the man leaves his house and seems to check that everything is clear before he gives the Woman leading out of his house.

She appears to be kissing the man as they say goodbye and she walks away, apparently not knowing that her romantic moment was captured on the doorbell camera.

« He thought the camera was deactivated, » wrote Kristina in the comment area and explained the brazen behavior of her husband. She added that her boyfriend even installed the security device himself.

Kristina has not let her spouse into the house since the incident and recently re-shared the doorbell camera clip.

The video went viral and has received more than 5 million views. People have criticized the man’s alleged behavior.

« Well, this isn’t just any BS. Sorry you’re going through this, but at least you have evidence, » wrote one user.

« I never got it why a guy cheats. You lose everything that is not worth it, « wrote a third user.


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