CM – With the top 4 placings at the PGA Championship, Harry Higgs is well into the Masters


In Harry Higgs’ first career major, he played his way into the Masters the next year with a top 4 result at the PGA Championship in 2021.

Higgs finished the tournament with 2 under and shot 70 in the Finals. When Higgs finished about 90 minutes before the final result, he said he would get people to build bogies to make sure he had another chance at a big championship.

« I would assume that I would be safe in Augusta, « said Higgs. « I don’t wish anyone bad will, but I would definitely like to finish fourth. »

He did. The New Jersey native Camden said he proved himself this weekend that he can win them if he can play in bigger championships.

« For challenging conditions and a brutally difficult golf course and the first major championship I suppose … to end up in the top 10? No, « Higgs said.

Higgs added that in his first major, he was careful to stay in his groove and not be distracted. </ "You can't really take all the shots off," Higgs said. "You can't really hike. It's a lot of head down and go and bang and head down and go and bang. You don't even look up at people, you just keep walking, fairway, green, trying to get the speed right. Hopefully falling it in the hole. I've done a good job all week. "

BY Ryan Lavner

BY Brentley Romine

BY Doug Ferguson

Harry Higgs was the 16th PGA Tour player to test positive for COVID-19 and has retired from this week’s Vivint Houston Open.

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