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From the 1st

World Athletics has the shoe regulations, which will be effective from Monday, April 1st.

World Athletics also said that athletic shoes must not contain any embedded « sensory or intelligent » technology, now or in the future.

The development comes after Kipchoge ran less than two hours in Alphafly Next% shoes in 2019 that are similar to platform shoes and are said to improve running economy by 5 to 8%.

One of the measures decided by the Council is the deletion of the transitional provisions that were inserted in 2020 and 2021, so that only one enabling rule remains with the Technical Rule.

A definition of « applicable competitions » to the To make clear the scope of events to which the rules and regulations apply and to avoid applying them to amateur club, school or college, or even championship competitions.

Clarify what types of adjustments are allowed with prior approval from World Athletics. This should enable adjustments for individual athletes for medical and safety reasons.

The simplification of the sole thicknesses for all athletics shoes in athletics events will be simplified to a stack height of 20 mm from November 1, 2024.

According to World Athletics, the schedule was agreed to give shoe manufacturers a reasonable time after making a « significant investment » in shoes with a sole thickness between 20-25mm.

The current regulations allow shoes to have a maximum thickness of between 20-25 mm, depending on the event, while in road races they can be up to 40 mm.

« Since the Working Group on Athletic Shoes was founded in June 2020, there has been a tremendous amount of background work and meetings on our shoe rules, both internally and externally, » said Jon Ridgeon, chief executive of World Athletics.

He noted that there was still more to be done, but thanked the working group, the world association of the sporting goods industry and the shoe companies for their openness and cooperation in finding a solution.
In addition, World Athletics said that a more flexible athletic footwear compliance process is needed to make checking compliance more practical and efficient depending on the type of event.

He pointed out that the introduction of shoe control procedures and a role as shoe control officer placed greater emphasis on performing post-race spot checks.

The powers of the umpires have been clarified and the World Athletics CEO or his candidate has been empowered to act (or refer the matter to the AIU) if post-competition violations are found.

That sports shoes may not contain embedded “sensory or intelligent” technology either now or in the future. This does not apply to the use of heart rate, speed distance meters, etc.

Minor word changes and formulations as part of a general language cleanup in the set of rules.

« Since the Working Group on Athletic Shoes was founded in June 2020, following the work of its predecessor, the Assistance Review Group in 2019, there has been an enormous amount of background work and internal and external meetings on our shoe rules, » said Ridgeon.

Footwear technology has been in the spotlight since the records began as the governing body tried to draw the line between innovation and athletes at an unfair advantage.

Norwegian 400-meter hurdler Karsten Warholm cut his own world record at this year’s Tokyo Olympics by 0.76 seconds – a huge lead in a one-lap race – and warned that shoe technology would undermine the athletes’ credibility endangered.

« What I said was kind of misunderstood because I had a comment about it after the race and it just exploded and that wasn’t my plan at all, » said the 25-year-old in an interview.

“To be honest, I don’t know if this shoe (Nike) is the best shoe. My shoe (Puma) may be just as good, but that’s not necessarily the point. I didn’t do any science.

« Now when someone does a great job, everyone will ask if it’s the shoe, and that’s the credibility problem, » said Karsten.


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