CM – « Worst I’ve Ever Seen »: 1 dead man in massive pile on Wisconsin Interstate 41


WASHINGTON COUNTY, Wisconsin (CBS 58) – At least one person is dead and dozens injured after multiple accidents on I-41 in Washington County on Wednesday April 21. An explosion of snowfall in mid-April created dangerous conditions for drivers.

The Washington County Sheriff’s Office says the largest crash was on I-41 north south of Cedar Creek Rd. A total of 48 vehicles were involved in this scene; 38 were damaged. There were a total of six patients transported to local medical facilities with injuries of varying severity. Another 26 were evaluated and treated on site.

Rite Way Bus Service Inc. supported the local transport of about 50 stranded motorists to the Pioneer Travel Plaza, which served as a reunion and investigation point for the incident.

A driver videoed a spooky ride through the rubble in on his Tesla. It shows a semi in the front curve to avoid another jackknifed truck on the left. Cars can already be seen bumping into each other on the right. Then the trailer of the articulated lorry hits a plow wagon – tears up the trailer and tilts the plow wagon on its side.

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The police have to reconstruct the accident while large tow trucks are standing by that are able to evacuate semis.

« It could have been me or a family member, it’s sad that someone had to lose their life « said Schröder.

The Washington County Sheriff’s Office urges the public to avoid I-41 from State Highway 60 to the North County Line of State Highway 28, as a number of multiple vehicle accidents are occurring the entire highway stretches.

The entire section of the highway is closed as first responders assess and investigate three separate chain reaction accidents due to weather-related factors. The three main problem areas are on County Highway D in the city of Wayne and on State Highway 144 and Cedar Creek Rd in the city of Polk.


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