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CM – Yankees fans « smell blood » as they mercilessly mock Astros

The Yankees welcomed the Astros back to the Bronx for the first time since their fraud scandal, and fans did not hold back.

If Oscar the Grouch were a Yankees fan, he couldn’t have pulled off the Revenge look better than David Taub.

Taub arrived at Yankee Stadium at 5pm. Tuesday with green fur around the arms and a black « Trashstros » T-shirt that hangs from waist to ankles on top of the baggy Halloween costume garbage can.

Yes, the Astros have made their first visit since the shame theft scandal that erupted in 2020 and affected the 2017 Houston World Series title and the two subsequent playoff runs. They eliminated the Yankees twice.

“We waited two years for this! Two years of revenge! “Deaf screamed. « We’re not going to let her go now. »

Taub bought his trash can costume for $ 85 on Amazon and walked from Brooklyn to his place in the stands to join about 10,000 fans suffering from COVID-19 – Restricted capacity for the most anticipated regular season game at The Bronx in two games have been under pressure for years. « I hope the Yankees fans smell blood tonight, » said Taub. « I hope we don’t do anything irresponsible, but I hope we give our stakes in Boos and let them hear it. We’ve definitely been robbed of a World Series. There’s no question about that. »

Astros manager Dusty Baker wasn’t for sign theft there – he was hired to help AJ Hinch, whose one-year MLB suspension and subsequent sacking was part of the outage – but he has experienced the impact on his players as unwanted visitors.

Baker had no intention of booing or retaliatory between the lines before the game addressing his players.

« These guys are big boys, they are men, » said Baker. “Addressing it would be of no use. You don’t want them to be afraid of something that may not happen at all. There is no way to really prepare for it other than to go out and play. « 

Yankees fans didn’t wait for the first pitch to be heard. At the end of the Astros batting practice, there were occasional boos.

 » Our job is to play baseball and not worry about it do what the fans or anyone says. So that’s what we’re really focusing on, « said outfielder Kyle Tucker, who made his MLB debut in 2018.

 » We’re not frustrated with [fan reaction]. Our job is to play solid defense and attack and get our pitching going. « We don’t focus on whether they cheer us or not. Your fans are here to watch a game and cheer their team on, and we’re just trying to go out there and win tonight. ”

The Dodgers, who lost the 2017 World Series to the Astros, set a retaliatory plan last year when Joe Kelly threw behind Alex Bregman and at Carlos Correa He mocked Correa after a strike and the benches were vacated. The Yankees, meanwhile, are embroiled in a three-year beanball war with rivals Rays.

« A state of high fear is no use. You have to be calm, » Baker said you have to be fearless inside and of great desire … you have to try to play the same game here that you play elsewhere. « 

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