CM – Yes, the villain Starro in « The Suicide Squad » is a vengeful starfish


When the audience sits down to see « The Suicide Squad » in theaters and on HBO Max Friday, it can leave with a burning question: Did I really just watch superheroes versus a giant alien starfish thing fight?

He (she? it?) may seem like a mild acid flashback, but boss-level villain Starro is so very real and is now appearing against all odds in a big summer blockbuster.

The film is both a quasi-sequel to the poorly received “Suicide Squad” from 2016 and a complete new start. Government worker Amanda Waller (Viola Davis) gathers a diverse group of convicts (including Idris Elba’s Bloodshot and Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn) to infiltrate a South American island nation and destroy a secret laboratory.

And if you think so there have been so many superhero movies that we are now using echinoderms as the villains, you know Starro the Conquerer actually holds a prominent place in comic book history. He was the villain in the 1960 Justice League of America’s first-ever print adventure.

His name was a riff on one of the late DC Comics editor Julius Schwartz’s favorite stories, a 1925 novel called « Tarrano the Conquerer » by Ray Cummings.

Why the starfish design with a big eye in the middle? It’s unclear. However, as writer Michael Eury has pointed out, Starro creators Gardner Fox and Mike Sekowsky may have adopted its look from a 1956 Japanese kaiju flick entitled « Warning From Space, » in which the extraterrestrial intruder looks virtually identical to Starro .

« The Suicide Squad » director James Gunn has said that Starro fits the slightly absurdist tone of the film.

« As a kid I found Starro totally terrifying, » Gunn said at a press conference in July. « So it was about taking something that was totally, mind you, ridiculous [and] putting him in an area that is the gritty streets of Colón, Panama, and then allowing him to do his scary business, but he’s also utterly rude. And that mix of things excited my aesthetic. ”

We hope the film does well enough to warrant a sequel, and that the audience gets a chance to see what C-list villain might be next could.

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