College football icon coach Lou Holtz calls Trump a ‘consistent winner’ at RNC


    Legendary college football coach Lou Holtz called a play for President Trump Wednesday night at the 2020 Republican National Convention, endorsing him as the man to lead America to victory.

    “It is a pleasure, a blessing and an honor for me to explain why I believe that President Trump is a consistent winner, an outstanding leader and deserves to be re-elected as our president,” said Holtz, who also endorsed Trump in 2016.

    “There are people today, like politicians, professors, protesters and of course President Trump’s naysayers in the media who like to blame others for problems,” he continued. “They don’t have pride in our country and — because they no longer ask, ‘What can I do for my country,’ only what the country should be doing for them — they don’t have pride in themselves.

    Holtz, 83, helmed several college football programs between 1969 and 2004, and also spent one season in the pros, coaching the New York Jets to a 3-10 record in 1976.

    He led the Notre Dame Fighting Irish between 1986 and 1996, including the unbeaten national champion squad in 1988.

    “There’s a statue of me at Notre Dame. I guess they needed a place for the pigeons to land,” Holtz cracked. “But if you look closely, you will see these three words there: Trust, commitment and love.

    “In President Trump, we have a president we can trust, who works hard at making America greater and who genuinely cares about people,” Holtz continued. “If I apply this test to [Democratic challenger] Joe Biden, I can’t say ‘Yes’ to any of these three questions.”

    Holtz later embarked on a decade-long broadcasting career at ESPN, and in 2008 was inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame.

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