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Ohio State Buckeyes Prepare for Matchup Against Youngstown State

After a dominant victory over Indiana in their season opener, the Ohio State Buckeyes are gearing up to face FCS opponent Youngstown State. While victory is already assured, the focus of the game will be on making strides on offense and defense. The Buckeyes will look to improve their offensive line, gain experience for their quarterbacks, establish a pecking order among their running backs, and create more havoc on defense. The 11W Roundtable provides some insights on the team’s performance and expectations for the upcoming game.

Quarterback Kyle McCord’s Performance and Opportunities for Improvement

Opinions on Kyle McCord’s performance against Indiana varied among the 11W Roundtable members. While some thought he was fine, others believed he could improve his rapport with his receivers. Consistency and taking more chances downfield were identified as areas for improvement. McCord’s ability to distribute the ball consistently to the talented receivers on the team will be crucial for the Buckeyes’ success.

Running Backs and the Importance of Rhythm

The discussion turned to the running backs, with Chip Trayanum receiving praise for his physical runs against Indiana. However, opinions differed on who should be the starting tailback. While some favored TreVeyon Henderson, others believed Miyan Williams and Trayanum should take the lead. The importance of rhythm for running backs was emphasized, and a committee approach was seen as beneficial for the team’s depth and health.

Assessing the Offensive Line and Expectations for Improvement

The performance of veteran starters Donovan Jackson and Matt Jones at the guard spots, as well as the struggles of the entire offense in short-yardage situations, raised concerns. However, the Roundtable members agreed that it’s too early to make assumptions based on a single game. The offensive line’s potential to be good enough to win a national championship was reiterated, and the emergence of Luke Montgomery as a blocking tight end was a pleasant surprise.

Impressions of the Defense and Expectations for the Season

The defense received praise for their performance against Indiana, holding them to low yards per play and per carry. Denzel Burke stood out as an impressive defender, while no one fell short of expectations. The Roundtable members expressed high expectations for the defense, especially with upcoming games against Notre Dame, Penn State, and Wisconsin. The hope is that the defense will continue to shine and regain the reputation of the « Silver Bullets. »

Predictions for the Game Against Youngstown State

Ohio State opens as a 42-point favorite over Youngstown State. The Roundtable members shared their score predictions and expectations for improvement. While the Buckeyes are expected to dominate, the new clock rules may limit their ability to score many points. Kyle McCord’s development and comfort in distributing the ball were highlighted as areas to watch. The final score predictions ranged from 38-7 to 45-0 in favor of Ohio State.

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