Elizabeth Holmes et son partenaire ont passé 6 mois sur la route dans un camping-car en dormant sur les parkings de Walmart tout en travaillant sur leur défense légale.


Elizabeth Holmes Tries to Salvage Public Image in Pre-Prison Interviews

Elizabeth Holmes, the disgraced founder of blood-testing startup Theranos, gave a series of interviews to The New York Times in an attempt to salvage her public image before reporting to prison. In a May 7 profile, Holmes admitted to building a persona that wasn’t « authentic, » including wearing black turtlenecks, red lipstick, and using a contrived masculine voice. She is now trying to portray herself as the « real Elizabeth » who wants to be called « Liz. » However, people on social media have been quick to remind others that Holmes is a convicted felon.

Holmes discussed various topics with the Times, including spending six months on the road in an RV with her partner, Billy Evans, while prosecutors were working on her case. The couple slept in campgrounds and Walmart parking lots while working on her legal defense between outdoor yoga and hikes. Holmes also cited her two young children as part of her plea to the judge to delay her prison sentence. However, her attempts to rehabilitate her image are likely to be stymied by her conviction.

Holmes’ Persona and Legal Troubles

Holmes’ persona, which included wearing black turtlenecks and using a contrived masculine voice, was part of her attempt to portray herself as a successful entrepreneur. However, her legal troubles began when it was revealed that Theranos’ blood-testing technology didn’t work as advertised. She was eventually convicted on four counts of fraud and conspiracy and sentenced to 11 years in prison. Despite her attempts to portray herself as the « real Elizabeth, » her conviction and public image are likely to be permanently tarnished.

The Fallout from Holmes’ Legal Troubles

The fallout from Holmes’ legal troubles has been significant, with Theranos shutting down and investors losing millions of dollars. Holmes’ attempts to rehabilitate her image are unlikely to be successful, as her conviction and public image are likely to be permanently tarnished. However, her story serves as a cautionary tale for entrepreneurs who prioritize image over substance and the importance of transparency and honesty in business.

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