Critique de ‘Foo Fighters – Mais nous sommes là’: Grohl et sa bande travaillent à travers leur chagrin.


Foo Fighters’ New Album: A Celebration of Brotherhood and Exploration of Loss

Foo Fighters have always been known for their ability to tackle misery and heartbreak through their music. Their latest album, « But Here We Are, » is no exception. However, this time, the band is exploring loss in a more personal way. The album is dedicated to the band’s beloved drummer, Taylor Hawkins, who passed away suddenly last March, and frontman Dave Grohl’s mother, Virginia, who died in August.

The album is a beautiful, noisy celebration of brotherhood and a stark, painful exploration of loss. From the stuttering acoustic track « The Glass » to the haunting « Show Me How, » the album channels the same urgency as their 2011 album « Wasting Light. » The band is not afraid to venture into uncharted territory, with « Nothing At All » tapping into a sleek pop groove and « Beyond Me » pulling inspiration from Oasis’ more tender moments.

Despite the heavy subject matter, the album never feels totally miserable. Lead single « Rescued » is an upbeat, communal rock anthem that feels like it was written with the live show in mind. The entire record is filled with flamboyant guitar solos, arena-dominating hooks, and giddy breakdowns.

A Reminder of the Healing Power of Music

Through it all, « But Here We Are » is an undeniable reminder of the healing, unifying power of music. The band has always told people that things can, and will, get better. This time, however, they are not so sure. The album emerges from the wreckage of two devastating losses, and there is a sense that the band is not just trying to make sense of this new chapter, but find a way forward.

The album is the first Foo Fighters album where the lyrics came first, and the band kept its creation a secret until lead single « Rescued » dropped in April. Grohl plays drums across the album, and the only feature is his 17-year-old daughter, Violet. From beginning to end, it’s a family affair.

In conclusion, « But Here We Are » is messy, gut-wrenching, ambitious, and gorgeous. The remaining members of Foo Fighters push themselves to their limits and beyond, exploring loss in a more personal way. The album is a beautiful reminder that even in the darkest of times, music can bring people together and heal.

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