« C’est parti… Jake Paul contre Nate Diaz va avoir lieu »


Jake Paul to Face Nate Diaz in Boxing Match

After nearly 18 months of social media bickering, Jake Paul and Nate Diaz will finally face off in a boxing match on August 5th in Dallas. Diaz, a former UFC star, is known for his striking abilities and has trained as a boxer since his youth. He may be a real challenge for Paul, who has hand-selected opponents he could beat in his tightly managed boxing career. Diaz’s exceptional cardio and mean streak make him a massive fan favorite, and he has the potential to knock out Paul.

Diaz: « I’m Here to Conquer »

Diaz is not a championship boxer, but he is a real challenge for Paul, who has been criticized for his outrageous antics and oversized bravado. Diaz’s anti-hero character out of Stockton, Calif., will bring fighting purists to his new pursuit. He worked to get out of the UFC so he could exercise control over his own business and his own future. Diaz is at the backend of his career, but he is hardly washed up. His popularity is built on a style of always going forward and never giving in. He owns a notable victory over Conor McGregor among others. If he wanted to still be in the UFC, he would be. He may still go back one day, perhaps to finish a trilogy with McGregor. Diaz said, « I’m the king of combat sports, and then I’m headed back to get my UFC belts. »

A Real Challenge for Paul

Jake Paul has turned nothing into a career, beating boxing at its own promotional game. He has frustrated boxing purists who desperately want to see him exposed, but he owes no one an apology. Diaz fits perfectly into the mix, and this challenge is much greater for Paul. Not just in losing, but losing in spectacular fashion. Critics have underestimated Paul’s ability to avoid embarrassment, let alone his continuing popularity, so anything can happen. He’ll have to earn this one, though. Aug. 5 may give everyone what they are looking for. A real fight. A dangerous opponent. An outlet for Diaz to continue his career. Mostly a real challenge that goes beyond what will be months of preening and insults.

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