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    The Jaguars have tried and tried and tried some more to trade running back Leonard Fournette. And they still have more time to try to trade him.

    Even though the Jaguars have announced that Fournette, the fourth overall pick in the 2017 draft, has been waived, the move doesn’t become official until 4:00 p.m. ET. The Jaguars can trade him before officially waiving him.

    Although coach Doug Marrone has bemoaned the inability of the Jaguars to get anything for Fournette, the news of his release will prompt interested teams to look at the waiver priority and wonder whether they’ll get him, if they make a claim.

    Making a waivers claim means paying Fournette $4.167 million for 2020, guaranteed for skill, injury, and cap and with no offset language (the Jaguars and Rams routinely remove offset language from top-10 draft pick contracts). If, as the day unfolds, a team with a need at the position and an interest in Fournette (who had over 1,600 yards from scrimmage last year) decides to make a waivers claim, that team may get nervous about a team higher in the pecking order making a claim, and snagging Fournette.

    The easy way to keep that from happening would be to call the Jaguars and offer something/anything. Conditional sixth-round pick. Conditional seventh-round pick. Whatever. It’s more than what Jacksonville will get for waiving him, and it ensures that a team that decides on Monday that it wants Fournette will get him.

    It’s happened several times before. A team leaks or announces that a player will be released, and then the team trades the player. It could happen today, as coaches, General Managers, and/or owners begin to take a closer look at Fournette’s body of work, and possibly to conclude that they want him badly enough to offer a late-round pick from a 2021 crapshoot that will be much more crap than shoot.

    The Bears have had some injury issues at the position. I’m not sure how it works with cap and with salary, but he would help the team if they could make the numbers work.

    Sean Payton and Bill Bellichick both know how valuable a change up power back can be. If Fournette is willing to accept less touches he would be very successful with Saints or Patriots.

    Vikings may be interested. They are panicking and making desperate moves because they realize The King Of The North Green Bay Packers are so far superior to them.

    Fournette has a lot of natural talent, but seems to lack motivation. However, that could be as much an indictment of the coaching staff as it is of Fournette. Maybe a better coached team can get him kicked into gear.

    Probably the reason they cut him was his salary. I can’t imagine anyone would trade for that contract.

    Could’ve had Mahomes or Watson with the 4th pick overall. Used it on a guy who has averaged 4.0 yards per carry. Ouch! No RB is worth the value of the 4th pick overall. But especially no at 4 yards a carry. And he gets paid like the 4th overall pick. For a team trying to lose, time to move on from anyone with a pulse.

    I really hate to say this but the Bucs should kick the tires. They always need RBs and if anyone can motivate him it would be TOM.

    “Nobody is to trade what they can have for free in a few hours.”
    You’re forgetting the waiver wire priority. If a team is pretty sure a team ahead of them will claim him, they’ll throw a late round pick to the jags for him. Not saying that’ll happen here, but for future reference that has been done many times before including by Hoodie.

    It is unbelievable that this train wreck of an organization is only a few years removed from being in an AFC title game.

    not many guys felt like more of a sure thing coming out of college. you just never fully know.


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