Karate Kid Star Ralph Macchio Reveals Biggest Problem With Jaden Smith’s Reboot


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    Karate Kid star Ralph Macchio revealed his biggest problem with Jaden Smith’s reboot of the film. Younger fans will remember the 2010 effort as an attempt to jumpstart the series Smith and Jackie Chan produced a fun little film that might be more remembered for a Justin Bieber single off of the soundtrack than for any of Jaden’s journey. Well, Macchio, who is famously polite, actually gave the film its props. However, there is one small detail about the reboot that sticks out in the star’s mind. It’s set in China, so how could there be a “Karate Kid” without the discipline having a home there. It’s a funny little observation from the Cobra Kai fixture, but actually holds up in the light when you think about it now. He talked to The Guardian about his journey through show business since then.

    “It enhanced the legacy of the original,” Macchio said kindly. “Also, there’s no such thing as karate in China, so it should have been called The Kung Fu Kid.”

    “I’m trying to dive into my memory on that. I know he took great pride in the role,” he also mentioned during the interview. “You know, Karate Kid was the first Hollywood movie that dealt with the Japanese internment camps. Also, there’s a scene in which a guy calls Miyagi a really derogatory name and makes fun of how he talks, and Miyagi [gets the better of him when he] breaks his beer bottles. So I think in that respect, the movie was ahead of the curve.”

    When it comes to the idea that he could have been a bigger star, Macchio is happy with how everything shook out. Life up in Long Island has been good to him and he’s completely at peace with the decisions that led him to this place.

    “If I’d been trying to grab that gold ring every chance, maybe I would have had more [jobs], but I couldn’t get to them because I was watching a baseball game back in my home town,” he says. “I wasn’t the biggest risk-taker, and I’m sure there were lost opportunities because of that. But also, maybe my caution helped me to stay grounded, so I’m at peace with the choices I made.”

    Cobra Kai is making its way to Netflix, so you can catch it there if you’re wanting some more Karate Kid.

    SOURCE: https://www.w24news.com

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