Katy Perry sur sa curiosité pour la sobriété : « Je ne suis certainement pas sobre, mais suis-je en faveur de la réinitialisation ? Oui. »


Katy Perry, the multi-platinum performer, American Idol judge, and full-time mom, has launched a line of nonalcoholic apéritifs called De Soi. The brand has released its fourth and newest flavor, Très Rosé, which is described as crisp and refreshing, making it the perfect low-calorie fizzy sip for the pool or the beach this summer. In an exclusive interview with EatingWell, Perry and De Soi’s co-founder, Morgan McLachlan, discussed everything you need to know about their nonalcoholic drink collection. They talked about the best meal pairings, advice for the sober-curious, and their favorite ways to prepare the drinks.

Très Rosé is a sparkling brut with tart raspberry and lychee, and the adaptogens it contains are lion’s mane and saffron. It’s great for a little liveliness, and saffron is obviously soothing. De Soi’s apéritifs have a beautiful, tight bubble, and they’re not too sweet, very low-calorie, lively drinks that are perfect for sipping on in-between phases. Perry’s favorite is Purple Lune, and she likes to do it over ice and put it in a red-wine glass, as though she’s having a sangria.

Golden Hour’s the lightest flavor, and it’s quite citrusy and herbaceous, so it pairs well with chicken or fish. Champignon Dreams is the closest in the lineup to an Aperol spritz, so it’s really more of a classic apéritif moment. Purple Lune is the richest, fullest, and most complex flavor, and it’s perfect for drinking in the evening. Très Rosé pairs well with different types of foods, and it’s very versatile, so it can be enjoyed in the morning, afternoon, or evening.

Perry recently completed a three-month sober « pact » with her fiancé, Orlando Bloom. She’s not sober, but she’s all about the reset and options. She’s sober-curious, but she’s still into unwinding at the end of the night. Perry and McLachlan still love their alcohol, but they love that they have really healthy, good-for-you options as well. Eating well has been a journey for Perry, and she likes to use food to heal herself and heal her body. For her, eating well means eating from the source and eating food to heal.

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