Log Into ‘Warzone’ Right Now For A One-Time Only ‘Call Of Duty: Black Ops Cold War’ Match


    I didn’t know exactly what Call of Duty had planned for its Black Ops Cold War reveal, and how it would relate to Warzone, where we were all told to be a half hour ago.

    The Cold War reveal ended up being a unique playlist in Warzone called “Know Your History.”

    The match opens with weird changes like redacted map locations and occasionally glitched audio and video (you know, Black Ops brainwash style). You’re tasked with four objectives:

    This appears to be kind of a “can’t lose” game mode with unlimited respawns and easy access to most of these locations. After you talk to Woods you are transported into a new instance where you run your for your life toward the Stadium with a foreboding “you will not survive” message as dozens of planes strafe the air and an air raid siren goes off. I got killed by planes, and so far as I can tell, nothing got nuked, but it was harrowing all the same.

    This concludes in what I thought it might, the reveal trailer for Black Ops Cold War which looks like The Americans directed by Michael Bay. After that, the match ends and you get a few emblems and calling cards for your trouble, along with that Bay of Pigs rifle. The game is coming out November 13 and multiplayer is being revealed on September 9. If you pre-order it, you will get a Frank Woods operator right now.

    This was….all very cool. I didn’t think Call of Duty could do a live “in-game destruction” type Fortnite event, but they got around it with this special mode, and it was very well done, making it seem like you could fail when I am pretty sure it’s almost impossible to, lest you miss the reveal.

    This is likely only going to be live today, and I’m not even sure how long today. It was a lot of fun so I recommend logging in and getting all this free stuff while you can, as it’s not yet clear when this disappears. It’s probably online for a little while, but it is replacing all the other Warzone modes right now, so it can’t last that long.

    Anyway, some very cool marketing to cap off what was sort of a painfully long teasing process before this.

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    SOURCE: https://www.w24news.com

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