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Voting supervisor Steve Fingas said his polling station in Lake Country was busier than expected

« We were a little worried at first, with all the possibilities of postal voting and advance voting, but the turnout was exceptionally good »

« If you’re concerned about crowded places, go early This is what I did I thought no one would be here so you immediately went in and out, » said Alex Hoce, a West resident Kelowna

« There is some concern, but I wear my mask, stay six feet apart and do my best, » said Scott Wickenheiser, Kelowna resident

« Everyone here wears masks and face shields and puts on hand sanitizer and there is plexiglass and the like so I didn’t feel too worried, » said Brendan Ferguson, a Kelowna resident.

With many opportunities to vote by mail or at the advance poll, we asked residents why they chose to vote in person

« We didn’t get the ballot, actually, and you have to vote, so here we are, » said Chuck Duffy, a West Kelowna resident.

« Tradition I like to put my ballot in the ballot box, » said Bob Hansen, a Kelowna resident

Lots of BC politicians have been talking about BC Premier John Horgan’s decision to call the snap election, so we asked residents what they thought of the early poll

« I think they could have picked a better time for this, but that’s what it is, » said Sally Duffy, a West Kelowna resident.

« It’s a good time; I mean an election is an election, right? It doesn’t matter that elections last as long as they take place within four years, » Hoce said

« The Prime Minister was doing this strictly for his own benefit He could have waited a year until the pandemic ended for a bit, » Hansen said

« I feel like this is irresponsible given the current pandemic and the fact that a lot of people come to vote in person, » Ferguson said

In Penticton, foot traffic in polling stations was described by volunteers as « regular » but well below average compared to previous elections, possibly due to advance polling

At the Penticton Lakeside Resort, voters waited no more than 10 minutes to vote

« The feedback I got is that it’s steady, but slow So slower than previous years, but pretty steady, and that’s to be expected with all mailings, » said David Korinetz, Penticton District Electoral Officer

« I just got home. I was visiting my mom for a little while out of town, so this is the only chance I had, » Dirk Millar said of his decision. to vote on general election day

WATCH BELOW: A constant stream of voters marched to local polling stations in Penticton, BC on general election day during a global pandemic They explain why they chose to vote in person , their experience of the process and the electoral issues most important to them

« It was very easy, well done It took five minutes, that’s all, » said elector Adrienne Lavoie

Voting pandemic measures were visible on site, including plexiglass barriers, hand sanitizer, physical distance signage, and volunteers wearing masks and face shields

Penticton voters have expressed a myriad of concerns about electoral matters, including health care, education and the government’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic

« I think the biggest problem is with this pandemic and the way we are handling it so I am concerned about this and hope that everything will be fine, » said voter Zohreh Alemousavi

« More long-term care facilities for our seniors I feel bad for families who cannot visit their loved ones in nursing homes, » said voter Kimberley Swaney

Christie Lawrence says elder care is a major issue that needs to be improved in BC

« Keep an eye out for private seniors’ residences, we need more staff, this is a big deal, we need more staff, » she said

« With the rule that a single caregiver can only work in one place, it puts a lot of pressure on other homes that don’t have staff »

Elector Marilyn Gauthier said she votes based on what the government will do best to meet the needs of her family

« Hospital wait times, cost of post-secondary education, my kids have all been through college, » she said

« I think we will have around 10,000 votes to count after the election, and it’s probably in the 30 to 40 percent range, » he said

Korinetz said Elections BC staff will spend the next two weeks counting and verifying ballots in the mail, as well as votes cast from outside the region

« Everyone’s in an envelope. We’ve got to check each one of them in the system and we’ve got about 13 days to do that. And then we’re going to sit down and count them, and it’s going to take about three days, » he said

Liberal incumbent Dan Ashton has held the seat since 2013, when he won by nearly 6,600 votes

The NDP has recruited the mayor of Summerland Toni Boot, Ted Shumaker represents the Greens of British Columbia and Keith MacIntyre is running for the libertarian party

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World News – CA – BC Election: Voters in Person Tent to the Polls in the Okanagan


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