News from the world – UA – Coronavirus updates LIVE: Victoria records seven new cases of COVID-19 on Saturday as AFL 2020 grand finale in Queensland begins, government aims to bring 20,000 expats home ‘here Christmas


There were no new cases of COVID-19 transmitted locally in NSW for the second day in a row

There have, however, been five cases of overseas travelers in quarantine of hotels reported to have contracted the virus, bringing the total number of cases in New South Wales to 4,186 by 8 p.m. Friday evening

There were 12,890 tests reported at 8 p.m. last night, almost 800 fewer than the day before

In a statement, NSW Health continued to urge community members to get tested immediately if anyone has even mild symptoms, such as a runny nose or sore throat, cough, fever or other symptoms that could be COVID-19

« This is particularly important in South West Sydney, West Sydney and South East Sydney, where there have been recently locally transmitted cases, » the statement said.

Head of East Preston Islamic College urged people not to play ‘blame game’ in the most recent outbreak in north Melbourne

The new outbreak emerged this week after a 5th-year student who should have self-isolated as close contact with infected family members attended classes on Monday and Tuesday, before testing positive on Wednesday

Director Ekrem Ozyurek said the father of the family was very upset, but the nature of the virus and the fact that his child was showing no symptoms meant it could have happened to anyone

– He was thinking of leaving the area but I told him that you are still part of our community, â ???? M Ozyurek said at age

– It needs to be collective and a partnership rather than playing the blame game here and thereâ ????

He said health services work best when they coordinate with community members rather than asking parents questions directly

– Sometimes I think it’s overwhelming for parents when the calls come directly from the health service, – he said

– If they get a call from someone they don’t know, they may be thinking, “wait a minute, who is this, what did I do wrong?”? ??? at ????

He said that since the outbreak, the school has actively communicated with parents and has organized a roster system where they can all get tested safely without having to wait hours in line.

Victorian-era retail staff will be allowed to return to work this week to begin restocking shelves, with business owners increasingly convinced that they will have buyers walking through their doors. doors ahead of government reopening date of November 2

The Andrews government gave retail staff the green light to return to work on Wednesday October 28 for a so-called « dark reopening » to restock shelves and clean stores in preparation for returning customers

« Retail is scheduled to open on November 2nd and if the data indicates it’s safe to do so sooner, we will. We’re in this position because the Victorians have bought into the plan. » a government spokesperson said on Saturday

The government continues to consult with the retail industry, which is increasingly convinced stores could reopen as early as midweek

« We have worked closely with retailers to plan a safe and orderly opening for their staff and buyers, » the spokesperson said

It’s a bittersweet weekend to be Melburnian The second wave of the coronavirus is finally behind us Only one new infection was reported on Friday, bringing the 14-day moving average down to 55 This should mean a significant easing of the restrictions on our movement from next week

But first, we have to reckon with the grim outcome of the lockout: an AFL grand final between two Victorian teams at Gabba de Brisbane on Saturday night, followed by a grand final of the rugby league played there where it was always expected, in Sydney on Sunday night The two events will remind Melbourne of its forced separation from the rest of the country since June

Before the pandemic, the big last week in Melbourne went like a carnival, culminating with a cheesy parade on Friday noon where players from both sides were led like royalty adorning the crowds The streets of the town was buzzing on Saturday morning, but then they emptied for the game itself One hundred thousand people sat in the stadium, while millions more watched the game in pubs or at home The party resumed after the siren , as the hangover returned in the night The Melbourne Cup compressed this weeklong ritual into a single afternoon, with the city standing still for the race itself

Lockdown has removed all parts of this shared experience This week the streets are empty, like every two weeks Stage four restrictions mean the big last night in Melbourne will be silent too The only noise you’re supposed to Hear are the Victoria Police drones that will patrol the suburbs to make sure every Neutral and Richmond fan is watching the game in their own home, with no visitors

We will have a live broadcast of Victorian Prime Minister Daniel Andrews speaking at 11:30 am AEDT when he gives the daily COVID-19 update

London: London’s famous food scene is strangled by tightening coronavirus restrictions, with Australian chefs and entrepreneurs struggling with ways to adapt and stay open during winter

They also vowed to oppose any pressure to get staff to vet rule-breaking guests, arguing it would be an affront to the ethics of hospitality and not theirs. job

Rising infection rates last week pushed London to new Level 2 restrictions that allow pubs, bars, cafes and restaurants to stay open, but prohibit different households from eating together indoors

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Hotel groups have warned the rules are hard to control and will trigger bankruptcies and massive job cuts in London They also argued that the government has provided little evidence that restaurant meals are a major source community transmission

Skye Gyngell, a Michelin-starred Australian chef who runs Spring Restaurant in London’s historic Somerset House, says asking customers for ID would be inappropriate and impractical

Oddly, it was the moment an AFL player tested positive for COVID-19 that inspired GM Gillon McLachlan to believe that the 2020 season could and would be over unexpectedly.

It was late June The second round had just played, 11 weeks after the first round Now, Essendon’s Conor McKenna returned a positive sample, forcing him to self-isolate and the Bombers’ game against Melbourne to be postponed

What pleased McLachlan was that the system the AFL had devised in the short term was working « The protocols have held firm, » he said this week « Essendon Football Club Joined Contacts Found Lisa Lawry, Compliance Officer at Essendon, did a hell of a job Things like that made a huge difference « 

It was another step in the long, grueling and grueling journey that has been the 2020 football season For McLachlan the darkest moment was at the start, when the pandemic struck and momentarily it seemed like there might not be a season « When you look down a billion dollar hole it’s pretty dark, » he says It wasn’t just the money It was the footballers, staff and millions of fans, all lost

There were seven new cases of coronavirus in Victoria yesterday and no deaths, the Department of Health said

This brings the 14-day average down in Melbourne and the Victoria region with stable cases and sources of the virus unknown

The figures come as a new epidemic begins to develop in the northern suburbs of Melbourne and health authorities focus on containing the spread

Health Department urges all families and staff at East Preston Islamic College and Croxton School to get tested as four more cases of COVID-19 have been discovered in the northern suburbs

The department has also told around 800 people close to East Preston College to stay home until they receive their results

Australian Football League, AFL Grand Final, Queensland

News from around the world – AU – Coronavirus updates LIVE: Victoria registers seven new cases of COVID-19 for Saturday as the 2020 AFL Grand Final in Queensland gets underway, the government aims to bring 20,000 expats home by Christmas



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