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Majority Leader Senator Mitch McConnell resists Amy McGrath, Democrat and former Marine fighter pilot, in one of the nation’s most watched races Read More

Mr. McConnell is a conservative icon and one of the most controversial figures in politics After blocking many of President Obama’s initiatives, as well as his nomination of Merrick B Garland to the Supreme Court, Mr. McConnell was a staunch supporter of President Trump, securing his impeachment acquittal in February and Amy Coney Barrett’s confirmation in superior court just eight days before election day

Ms McGrath has proven to be a powerful fundraiser, and outside funds have been poured into Kentucky by donors seeking to overthrow the Senate But Mr McConnell leads in the Reliable Red State, where Mr Trump won by 30 percentage points in 2016 and is expected to win again – Isabella Grullón Paz Read less

Results schedule: Officials said more than 90% of ballots could be counted on election night Mail-in ballots with Election Day stamp are accepted until 6

The first votes come from Jackson County Donald J Trump won Jackson by 80 percentage points in 2016 Just Now

Some states and counties will report candidate votes total for mail-in ballots, but some places may not provide complete data on the type of vote

12% of counties (14 out of 120) reported absentee votes Data on absentee votes may not be available in some locations

Hello from Madison, where Democrats are predicting a big win from Biden Lieutenant Governor Mandela Barnes told me this morning that Biden would win by 7 points

Former Marine Fighter Pilot Amy McGrath takes on Senator Mitch McConnell, Conservative icon and Senate Majority Leader Although the Democratic nominee has amassed a formidable campaign war chest and many voters are dismayed by M McConnell’s role in securing Amy Coney Barrett to Supreme Court just days before the election, Mr. McConnell set to move to seventh term

The first votes come from Boyle County Lincoln County has also just reported more votes 4 min ago

Hello from Madison, where Democrats anticipate a big win from Biden Lieutenant Governor Mandela Barnes told me this morning that Biden would win by 7 points

Numerous polls show Trump and Biden neck and neck in Ohio I’ll be looking at the handful of suburban neighborhoods around Columbus that Trump won in 2016 – they could prove to be crucial Read more ›

One thing to keep in mind: According to TargetSmart, a Democratic data company, nearly 30% of early votes were cast by people who did not vote in the 2016 election

Good evening from Wilmington, Joe Biden’s hometown, where he watches the elections with his family, we are told This is the convention center where he would speak tonight

Some election experts believe the pandemic may have changed voting forever Will Election Day Ritual End? Read our story ›

What I’m looking at: Margins in Philadelphia Voters have been slow to move to postal voting, so we might be able to distill some turnout numbers from the vote in person

Today in Florida: Republicans came out in force to vote, as planned Democrats and independents voted later today But the electorate as a whole still leans Republican

First polls close in much of Indiana and Kentucky Polling stations in western two states will be open for an additional hour

An outside Republican PAC spent over $ 700,000 to overthrow Bob Trammell, Georgia House Deputy Chief David Jenkins, an Army veteran, is the GOP candidate

What I’m looking at: It would be interesting to know how many former criminals were barred from voting by Republicans in Florida who demanded they pay court fees before voting

With more than 1,011 million advance votes cast in person and by mail even before the polls open today, this campaign promises to be a campaign for records Read more ›

I’m here in Orlando, where both teams expect a very close race. I’ll be watching Sumter County – the home of the villages, one of America’s largest retirement communities

Allegheny County Executive, a Democrat, predicts Biden will win by 150,000, nearly 50% better than Clinton Babe Ruth shows off the stands Let’s see how it holds up

It will be difficult to interpret Pennsylvania’s results tonight as many mail votes go unreported, But Allegheny County (Pittsburgh) says it will quickly report mail ballots

What I’m watching: Miami-Dade County split Democrats worried about early voter turnout in Democratic stronghold ahead of elections

What I’m watching: Senate results will say a lot about Trump’s performance on major battlefields If Thom Tillis can keep him close in North Carolina, that’s a good sign for Trump

What I’m looking at: In Gwinnett County, Georgia, the seat of outgoing Rep. Rob Woodall is up for grabs, and Democrats think they could possibly overthrow him this year

What I’m watching: The race in 5th District of Indiana, a conservative Indianapolis suburb, is competitive If Democrats win there, that’s a good early indicator for them

What I’m Watching: A Local School Board Race in Sumter County, Georgia Will Become a Key Voting Rights Test Tonight Here’s Why ›

As polls open today, 1,003 million ballots had already been cast, suggesting the country is on track to set an attendance record Read more ›

Source: National Election Pool / Edison Research (President, US Senate, US House) and The Associated Press (State Senate, State House, Amendment, Supreme Court) election results

By Michael Andre, Aliza Aufrichtig, Gray Beltran, Matthew Bloch, Larry Buchanan, Andrew Chavez, Nate Cohn, Matthew Conlen, Annie Daniel, Asmaa Elkeurti, Andrew Fischer, Josh Holder, Will Houp, Jonathan Huang, Josh Katz, Aaron Krolik, Jasmine C Lee, Rebecca Lieberman, Ilana Marcus, Jaymin Patel, Charlie Smart, Ben Smithgall, Umi Syam, Rumsey Taylor, Miles Watkins and Isaac White Additional data collection by Alice Park, Rachel Shorey, Thu Trinh and Quoctrung Bui Research candidate and photo production by Earl Wilson Alana Celii, Lalena Fisher, Yuriria Avila, Amanda Cordero, Laura Kaltman, Andrew Rodriguez, Alex Garces, Chris Kahley, Andy Chen, Chris O’Brien, Jim DeMaria, Dave Braun and Jessica White Report contributed by Alicia Parlapiano

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