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Stephanie McMahon’s Departure from WWE

Stephanie McMahon, the former Co-CEO and Executive Chairwoman of WWE, resigned from her position in January 2022 after her father, Vince McMahon, announced his controversial « retirement » in July 2021. McMahon had returned to work in 2022 after taking a leave of absence to spend time with her family during the investigation into her father. However, she decided to step down from her role in the company.

WWE CEO Nick Khan on Stephanie McMahon’s Return

In a recent interview with CNBC’s Closing Time, WWE CEO Nick Khan was asked about Stephanie McMahon’s departure from the company and whether she might return in the future. Khan stated that Stephanie is welcome to return, but it is up to her. He emphasized how Stephanie had already been on leave when he and Vince called her back to work as Co-CEO and Chairwoman of the Board in 2022. Khan also praised Stephanie’s work throughout the company, stating that she did « phenomenal work. »

Khan believes that Stephanie is in a « great place » right now and that she returned to do whatever she was thinking about doing during her leave of absence in 2022. However, he also stated that the time would need to be right for her to return to WWE, and he is not sure if she is there yet.


Stephanie McMahon’s departure from WWE was a surprise to many fans, but WWE CEO Nick Khan has stated that the company would welcome her return. While Stephanie is currently in a « great place, » it remains to be seen if she will decide to come back to the company. Regardless, her contributions to WWE have been significant, and she will always be remembered as one of the most influential figures in the company’s history.

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