Dimanche des Rameaux : La dernière entrée de Jésus à Jérusalem était un moment de boucle complète, selon un leader religieux de D.C.


Palm Sunday: Commemorating Jesus’ Final Entry into Jerusalem

Palm Sunday marks the beginning of Holy Week and commemorates Jesus’ final entry into Jerusalem before his crucifixion, death, and resurrection. According to Fr. Patrick Mary Briscoe, a Washington, D.C.-based Dominican friar, this event is a full-circle moment for the ministry of Jesus Christ. Jesus first entered Jerusalem as an infant, then as a child to observe Passover, and later as an adult to observe holy days. However, on his last entry, he was welcomed with palm branches and coats spread out on the ground before him, riding on a borrowed donkey.

Symbolism of Palm Sunday

Palm branches were waved in adulation, often to celebrate military conquests during Jesus’ time. However, for Christians, they are a sign of the new life of grace won for believers in the cross. The coats thrown by the people of Jerusalem and Christ’s use of a borrowed donkey are also notable symbols. The coats represent a reference to Eden, where Adam and Eve donned clothing after their first sin. By placing cloaks before him, the crowds show that Christ, triumphant, tramples the remnants and signs of our sin. The use of a borrowed donkey is an act of humility on Christ’s part, showing that his kingdom is one of simplicity.

The Significance of Palm Sunday

Palm Sunday is a reminder of Jesus’ triumphal entry into Jerusalem, where he was welcomed as a king. However, his reign was one of peace, humility, and simplicity. Fr. Patrick Mary Briscoe emphasizes that Jesus’ victory over sin will reign in our hearts when we conform to his pattern of life. Palm Sunday is a call to Christians to live a life of humility, simplicity, and peace, following the example of Jesus Christ.

Keywords: Palm Sunday, Jesus, Jerusalem, Holy Week, Christianity, symbolism, humility, simplicity, peace.

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