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La chanson d’Alice Cooper que John Lennon pensait que Paul McCartney devrait chanter

Lennon talks Alice.

Alice Cooper Reveals His Influences and Connection to John Lennon

Alice Cooper, the legendary shock rocker, recently opened up about his musical influences and his connection to John Lennon. While known for his theatrical stage persona, Cooper’s songwriting is rooted in the classic rock songs of the 1960s, particularly those of The Beatles. In an interview with Louder Sound, Cooper praised the songwriting skills of McCartney and Lennon, stating that they were the best. He expressed his admiration for the perfect three-minute songs created by The Beatles and how anyone would love to have written them. Cooper’s love for The Beatles and their influence on his music is evident in his own songwriting.

The Hollywood Vampires and Cooper’s Dream to Connect with Lennon

In the 1970s, Alice Cooper became a member of the infamous Los Angeles drinking club called « The Hollywood Vampires. » This club included notable musicians such as Keith Moon, Harry Nilsson, and Mickey Dolenz, with Ringo Starr and John Lennon also being associated with it. Cooper considered it a dream come true to connect with Lennon, especially during the prime of his career when he received significant publicity. Lennon appreciated Cooper’s controversial and banned image, as well as his songs. During one of their hangouts, Lennon even declared his love for one of Cooper’s singles.

John Lennon’s Love for Alice Cooper’s « Elected »

During a meeting at the office in New York, John Lennon expressed his admiration for Alice Cooper’s single « Elected » from the 1972 album Billion Dollar Babies. The song was released during the 1972 presidential election cycle and humorously portrayed Cooper’s desire to be elected president, satirizing the race between Richard Nixon and George McGovern. Lennon saw the song as a great critique of politics and played it for others, praising its message. Cooper was thrilled that Lennon loved the record and even jokingly acknowledged that Paul McCartney would have done it better, given his musical prowess.

Alice Cooper’s connection to The Beatles and John Lennon showcases the influence of the iconic band on his music. Cooper’s admiration for The Beatles’ songwriting and his dream to connect with Lennon highlight the impact they had on his career. The appreciation and recognition from Lennon himself for Cooper’s music, particularly the song « Elected, » further solidify the connection between these two legendary musicians.

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