Critique de The Crowded Room – Le nouveau drame de Tom Holland et Amanda Seyfried s’étire en longueur (et en longueur)


The Crowded Room: A Slow-Burning Mystery

The Crowded Room is a new drama series that tells the story of Danny Sullivan, played by Tom Holland, who was involved in a shooting at the Rockefeller Center in the 1970s. The series gradually uncovers Danny’s part in the shooting through a series of interviews with a persistent interrogator, Prof Rya Goodwin, played by Amanda Seyfried. However, the makers of the show have urged reviewers not to give away pivotal aspects of the storyline, making it difficult to discuss the show without revealing too much.

The series is based on a true crime book, and the opening credits alone give away some of the plot. Danny comes from an unhappy home, and we meet him in the middle of the drama’s inciting incident, where he levels a gun at a man in the Center but fails to shoot him. Rya questions him about the shooting and where the missing Ariana might have gone, while detectives wonder if they may have just arrested a serial killer.

The Crowded Room is a slow-burning mystery that takes its time to reveal information. The evasiveness, hints, and drip-feeding of information start to seem wilfully long before the true unravelling of the mystery. While the diffuse sense of unease and confusion is well done, it goes on for a long time. The series is a 10-episode series, and the narrative itself, so thinly spread, is not enough to hold the attention.

A Lackluster Performance

While the series has an intriguing premise, the performances are lackluster. Holland is too quiet a presence to compel, and Seyfried’s performance feels like a bland comedown from her last outing as Elizabeth Holmes in The Dropout. The series may tighten and liven up in the back half, but it remains to be seen.

In conclusion, The Crowded Room is a slow-burning mystery that takes its time to reveal information. While the premise is intriguing, the lackluster performances and the evasiveness of the plot make it difficult to fully engage with the series. However, for those who enjoy a slow-burning mystery, The Crowded Room may be worth a watch.

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