The Word Is Snout: It’s National Dog Day


    The most offbeat holidays? The national food events devoted to iffy dishes? The weird seasonal to-dos that come with a host of quirky customs?

    We’re sometimes called upon to dig a little deeper into the back story of a stranger celebration, all to understand the whys and how comes of the holiday’s origins.

    No digging deeper is required, unless you’re watching your pup dig deeper in the yard: It’s all about dogs, all dogs, the dogs we love, the dogs we know, and the dogs we wished we knew, because we’d surely love them, too.

    National Dog Day is August’s most ebullient event, and while your dog doesn’t need or want a parade, though, if you threw one, he’d probably chase it, you can find ways to honor the tail-wagging-est to-do of the year.

    An extra treat or two, a new squeakie, or a trot around the block are all nice ways to pour some extra sunshine on your pooch.

    And if you’d like to adopt a local pup, several rescue organizations are open and ready to chat with you about setting up a safe and socially distanced appointment.

    Ready to Clear the Shelters? We’re spotlighting how Southern Californians can meet and fall in love with the buddy of their dreams, all month long. Find out more information now.

    Best Friends Animal Society is currently holding virtual visits, if you’d like to see your future sweetie via camera. Setting a visit up? It’s as easy as getting your pup to jump on the couch and snuggle next to you (an invitation few Fidos would refuse).

    The group also shared a tug-the-heart video about animal adoption, as well as how we’ve spent the pandemic with our pups, in honor of National Dog Day 2020.

    Wherever you go, whether it is on a jog with your furry and enthusiastic co-jogger, or straight to a rescue group’s site, know that August won’t end before we pay some loving thoughts to the woofers of the world.

    It’s a good and gladdening way to send of summer, a season that seems to be the doggiest of all, thanks to its sunshiny ways, warm demeanor, and penchant for pool play.


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