Tommy Dreamer pense que Roman Reigns devrait dépasser le règne de quatre ans de Hulk Hogan en tant que champion – Wrestling Inc.


Roman Reigns Could Break WWE Championship Reign Record

Roman Reigns is currently sitting at the sixth spot with 989 days and counting as the Undisputed WWE Universal Champion. He is nipping at the heels of legends like Pedro Morales, Bob Backlund, Hulk Hogan, and Bruno Sammartino, who hold the top five longest WWE Championship reigns in WWE’s 60-year history. However, if Tommy Dreamer had any say in it, Reigns would hold onto his title until he breaks through into the top three.

Potential Storylines for Reigns’ Historic Run

Dreamer argues that more potential storylines could arise when the dominant champion gets closer to these milestones. On top of the current situation involving Solo Sikoa and The Usos, Reigns could call out Hogan and invite the Hall of Famer to witness him beat his record. Then, « The Hulkster » could enlist a protege to stop that from happening. Together with Paul Heyman, there are plenty of pieces in play to keep the story going.

When Reigns’ historic run is over, Dreamer says that either Sikoa or Cody Rhodes could be the only people that could dethrone the champion. « Why do we love Cody Rhodes more [after losing at WrestleMania]? » asked the veteran. « Because he got screwed over [and] he’s got a bigger obstacle in his way. » With Reigns’ current dominance, it will be interesting to see who will eventually dethrone him and how the storylines will unfold.

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