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Trevor Noah and Minka Kelly Are Dating: ‘It’s Very Serious,’ Source Says

The talk show host and actress have not yet publicly confirmed their relationship

The couple have not yet publicly confirmed their relationship. Reps for the pair couldn’t be reached for comment.

Kelly, 40, previously dated Grey’s Anatomy star Jesse Williams. They called it quits in January 2018 after months of dating amid Williams’ divorce battle with ex-wife Aryn Drake-Lee.

Noah, 36, was last romantically linked to girlfriend Jordyn Taylor in 2017. It is not clear when they split.

Noah has since remained private about his personal life, instead using his platform as the host of The Daily Show to speak out about politics and social justice issues.

At the end of May — as protests against police brutality continued following the death of George Floyd — Noah addressed racism in America.

The video, posted on The Daily Show’s YouTube account, has since amassed over 9.2 million views. Noah began by addressing Amy Cooper, a white woman who called the cops on a black man in Central Park after he asked her to leash her dog, per park regulations. (After video of the exchange went viral, Cooper, who has since apologized, was fired from her job.)

« What’s really interesting about what’s happening in America right now is that a lot of people don’t seem to realize how dominoes connect — how one piece knocks another piece that knocks another piece, and in the end creates a giant wave, » said Noah. « Each story seems completely unrelated, and yet at the same time, I feel like everything that happens in the world connects to something else in some way, shape, or form. And I think that this news cycle that we witnessed in the last week was a perfect example of that. Amy Cooper, George Floyd, and the people of Minneapolis. »

He went on to address Floyd, whose death has sparked ongoing nationwide protests against police brutality.

« I don’t know what made that video more painful for people to watch. The fact that that man was having his life taken in front of our eyes, the fact that we were watching someone being murdered by someone whose job is to protect and serve, or the fact that he seemed so calm doing it, » Noah said of Floyd. « There was a black man, on the ground, in handcuffs, and you could take his life, so you did. Almost knowing that there would be no ramifications. »

All four officers present at Floyd’s arrest have been fired, and Derek Chauvin, the officer who knelt on Floyd’s neck, was charged with second-degree murder and manslaughter.

Source: https://www.msn.com/en-us/tv/celebrity/trevor-noah-and-minka-kelly-are-dating-its-very-serious-source-says/ar-BB18yXKD

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