Twitter’s Hilarious Responses to Possible iPhone 12 Design


    Mock-ups and alleged leaks of the Apple iPhone 12 series have hit the mainstream as Twitter users poke fun at the iPhone 12 Pro Max’s camera.

    Images purporting to be leaked shots of Apple’s upcoming iPhone 12 have made the rounds on Twitter, sparking a cavalcade of memes and amusing comments. The heavily rumored, 5G smartphone series that will serve as the successor to the iPhone 11 is surrounded by rumors since Apple has yet to make any official announcements. Now, the speculation has bubbled over, expanding beyond the tech enthusiast community and reaching the internet at large, much to the world’s amusement.

    The fervor around Apple’s next flagship smartphone is stronger than usual this time. That’s partially because this phone has more pressure from Apple’s competitors than usual. Ever-present rival Samsung now has more than one 5G-capable phone on the market, but those increased speeds are even popping up on less expensive devices from companies like One Plus. Beyond that, we’re seeing huge advancements in camera tech and display options, with many phones operating within the 90-120 Hz refresh rate range. Frankly, the iPhone 11 is being outclassed and if the very positive reactions to the iOS 14 beta are any indication, its fans are ready for something new.

    That anticipation has pushed iPhone 12 rumors into the mainstream and Twitter commentators are having a field day with all the allegedly leaked images. Much of the attention is placed on what insiders suggest will be the phone’s new camera array. It’s a square-shaped region on the rear panel with four, nearly identical lenses arranged in a way that looks alarmingly like a stovetop. Rumors suggest this setup is to facilitate the addition of a LiDar scanner on the highest-end iPhone 12, which was expected following that same implementation on the 2020 iPad Pro.

    Regardless of why it looks the way it does, the suspected iPhone 12 camera array is an easy target for jokes. To some people, it’s just a tacky eyesore. For others, it’s excessive in a way that makes it off-putting. For a select few, it resembles a spider…?

    The usual reaction of people who were unprepared for an iPhone upgrade is always comedy gold, as well. This time, the sting is particularly painful because of new rumors that some iPhone 12 models, like the expected iPhone 12 Pro Max, could cost about $1,500.

    cant wait for iphone 12 to be released so i can afford the iPhone 11 ?✨????

    Ultimately, the jokes are just that: jokes. The die-hard fans will still clamor for the next iPhone given the leaps in phone tech that have occurred in the last ten months and the fan base Apple’s products have created. It remains to be seen if a phone with such a hefty price tag will do well amidst the pandemic and that exact concern could have inspired this year’s iPhone SE.

    Everyone: the cameras on the iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max look like a stove top Apple:

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