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Bangladesh has begun moving a second group of Rohingya Muslim refugees to a low-lying island in the Bay of Bengal.

Human rights groups concerned about the new website’s vulnerability to flooding have resisted.

The United Nations said they were not involved in the relocation but urged the government to ensure that no refugees are forced to move to Bhasan Char Island, which emerged from the sea only 20 years ago.

More than 1. 804 Rohingya – members of a minority group who have fled Myanmar – are moved between seven ships.

A first group of more than 1. 600 Rohingya were relocated to Bhasan Char from their rickety camps near the Myanmar border earlier this month.

Storms regularly hit the coast of Bangladesh. In 1991 there were almost 143. 000 people killed when a cyclone hit a 4. 5 meter tidal wave.

The government built a 12-kilometer dam to protect the island and 100. To accommodate 000 people.

The government also said the relocation was voluntary, but some refugees from the first group spoke of being forced to leave.

« [A] The lack of transparency in the consultation process with refugees and allegations from the community about financial incentives for Rohingya families to move to Bhasan Char and the use of intimidation tactics make the relocation process questionable. « said the group.

In Bangladesh they are a burden; in Myanmar they are despised. Where did the Rohingya come from and where do they belong?

Two Rohingya men aboard one of the ships going to the island from Chittagong Harbor said they would voluntarily move to their new home.

One said he had already gone to live with relatives there while the other moved with his wife and six children.

« There is so much suffering and conflict in the camp, » said one of the men.

Their names have been withheld in the wake of the parish relocation controversy, and many have wanted to stay on the mainland.

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World News – AU – Bangladesh moves the second group of Rohingya refugees to a remote island despite flood concerns

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