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If there is one thing that attracts more public attention than politicians and sports stars, it is their babies. Thanks to the Covid-19 crisis, the world is on the edge and the world’s population urgently needs a glimmer of hope. Well-known figures like UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson and tech mogul Elon Musk have been given a bundle of joy during these troubled times and became parents of a newborn child amid the pandemic. Here you can see all of the famous babies born during the corona crisis.

Baby Boris, or perhaps we should call him by his full name Wilfred Lawrie Nicholas Johnson, was welcomed into the world last month by parents Boris Johnson and fiancée Carrie Symonds. While it is the couple’s first child, the UK Prime Minister is already a father of five. The news came a few weeks after Johnson was discharged from hospital after receiving treatment for Covid-19. In fact, Symonds announced that her boy’s middle name was in honor of the two doctors who saved Johnson’s life, saying, “Nicholas after Dr. Nick Price and Dr. Nick Hart – the two doctors who saved Boris’ life last month. ”

Well, we could try calling Elon Musk’s youngest addition to the family, with girlfriend Grimes, by his full name, but we wouldn’t know where to start. Spelled, but pronounced « X Ash A 12 ». « The X is just ‘X’ and the A-12 is just ‘A 12’, » Musk revealed on a podcast. Parents added that the A-12 part of their son’s name was based in part on the Archangel-12, the forerunner of their favorite aircraft, the SR-71. The baby is the first for the couple and joins Musk’s brood of five cubs.

While the Indian cricketer may be taking a forced break from the sport, he has one thing to double down: his father’s duties. Suresh Raina and his wife Priyanka welcomed their second child, a young boy, during the lockdown. The star shared a photo of himself with his wife and the newborn they call Rio, adding, « The beginning of all things, miracles, hope, opportunities and a better world! »

Hasan Minhaj probably summed up his little one’s arrival during a pandemic perfectly. When he and his wife Beena Patel welcomed their little boy in April, Minhaj wrote: “Even in these crazy times there are so many beautiful moments. The proud couple are already parents to a daughter and have hinted that this could be the last little Minhaj to join their gang. But you never know, Minhaj added before saying, « The Minhaj family is growing and, according to Beena, it’s finished growing. But you never know, shooters shoot. ”

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World News – AU – Be like Papa Kohli and apply for your paternity leave

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