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The deadline for replacing faulty, sometimes fatal airbags is approaching and thousands of Australian drivers are still at risk.

Almost four million Australian cars have to be forcibly recalled because of defective and in the worst case fatal airbags.

Thousands of Australian drivers are at risk of potentially fatal injuries as the deadline to replace their faulty Takata airbags draws nearer.

The Australian Competition and Consumers Commission (ACCC) issued the warning earlier this month calling for more than 65. 000 drivers to sign up for a replacement.

Takata airbags can explode in an accident, even smaller ones, and can send sharp metal parts through the vehicle at high speed, potentially seriously injuring or even killing occupants, the ACCC warned.

One Aussie lost his life to faulty equipment and three were injured, one seriously.

During more than 2. 7 million cars have been repaired in Australia since the global recall. 2 percent of the cars are still on the road and need to be replaced.

As part of the recall, manufacturers must use all Takata airbags by March 31. Replace December 2020.

« More than 65. 000 of these dangerous vehicles are still on our roads and potentially put people’s lives at risk. Replacements are free and there is no excuse for not doing it, ”said Delia Rickard, vice chairwoman of the ACCC.

“Before you leave this summer, please check your cars, even if you’ve checked before, and let your friends and family check their vehicles too.

« All you have to do is enter the vehicle’s license plate and the status or area of ​​registration online at ismyairbagsafe. com. ouch. You can even check it out for others. It takes less than a minute and could save a life. ”

There are more than 6000 vehicles that are classified as « critical » which means they should not be driven at all. Owners should instead contact their manufacturer to arrange for the vehicle to be towed or a technician to be shipped for free.

« We are concerned about the number of people who refused to replace their airbags and the number of airbags that were not retrieved. We want to reassure people that replacements are free and can help protect you and your loved ones, ”said Ms. Rickard.

« States and territories are imposing registration sanctions on vehicles affected by the recall. Drivers who do not have their airbags replaced could risk their vehicle’s registration being canceled. ”

The auto industry hopes that everyone will. December will be repaired, but may extend the date if necessary.

« We do not want an extension of the deadline, but we will not turn our back on the consumer, » said Tony Weber, Managing Director of the German Federal Chamber of the Automotive Industry.

« The industry goal is to replace all Takata airbags or automobiles by Aug.. December 2020, « Weber told Car Advice.

“However, we continue to strive to repair vehicles after the deadline and to ensure that the support network is in place by 2021. ”

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World News – AU – Days still to change deadly, faulty airbags
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