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Posted: 10:20 GMT, Dec.. December 2020 | Updated: 10:21 GMT, Dec.. December 2020

A barber shop owner who displays designer clothes, supercars and luxury vacations on social media has been hit by cocaine trafficking charges.

Michael Anthony Langanis, 25, who runs three businesses across Brisbane under his Langanis Barber brand, was released on bail Saturday for a number of drug trafficking violations.

The 26 charges include the alleged trafficking of cocaine from its three million dollar stores in the city center and in the trendy West End and Tenerife suburbs.

Langanis (pictured) regularly posts pictures with supercars and designer clothes on his popular social media accounts

Langanis’ Instagram account is almost 4. 000 followers, while his hair salon page has more than 15. Has 000 followers.

Langanis, originally from Adelaide, is charged between July and 12. Trafficking in cocaine on December 12, along with 11 dangerous drug delivery cases and five dangerous drug possession cases.

His arrest was part of a six-month police investigation into drug networks across the city, during which officers used extensive surveillance and telephone taps, The Courier Mail reported.

Detectives from Fortitude Valley, the city’s party district, carried out 25 search warrants on Friday as part of Operation Gypsy Sierra. Police claimed that large amounts of drugs and cash worth 272. $ 000 was confiscated.

Langanis regularly posts pictures of his luxurious lifestyle on his popular personal and business social media accounts

The court heard that he refused to give police officers his phone password, which led to an additional charge of violating a police order.

He has also been charged additional fees for setting up a forged document, tax fraud, and joint attacks.

His defense attorney told the court that his client’s three hairdressing businesses, which he has been running for six years, have been very successful, generating an annual income of $ 1 million.

The judge said the police had not yet informed him of the amount of drugs allegedly trafficked and the amount that Langanis was allegedly involved in.

He was bailed for $ 20. Released $ 000 and under the conditions he did not contact a co-defendant, surrender his passport and report to the police three times a week.

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World News – AU – Instagram ‘famous’ barber charged with cocaine trafficking
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