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The British mother had planned a « great » one. festive trick on your children? only to end up with a massive problem with people scratching their heads.

The Christmas tradition takes many forms around the world, and some are stranger than most. Check out a selection of the most bizarre ones.

When it comes to Elf On The Shelf, it’s often the more elaborate setups that win the day.

But a mom’s « great idea » of playing prank on her kids backfired spectacularly after making such a mess that other parents said it would take years to clean up.

For the uninitiated, Elf On The Shelf is a Christmas tradition in which a toy elf was sent by Santa Claus to spy on the children of the house.

It’s an exciting game for the kids to play every morning until the 25th. To wake up December to see what position the elf is in that day.

But it can become a headache for parents trying to come up with creative poses for Santa’s spy.

The mother decided to play an epic prank on her children by making « snow » out of them. â € ¦ with beanbag balls. Image: Facebook / Ms. Hinch made me do it. Source: Facebook

A mother in the UK decided to take her Elf On The Shelf to the next level by “snowing” it with beanbag filling one morning.

Although the little white spheres might have been a good alternative to reality, the woman soon discovered that she had made a huge mistake by using them in her children’s bedrooms.

“So we thought it would be a great idea for the annoying elves to let it snow. Snow are the little balls that you find in beanbags, ”she wrote in the British Facebook cleaning group Mrs Hinch Made Me Do It.

Other mothers warned they would have little luck getting all of the beanbag balls. Image: Facebook / Ms. Hinch made me do it. Source: Facebook

The mother asked for « suggestions » how to « quickly and efficiently » clean up the mess, but unfortunately did not get the answers she had hoped for.

« Just so you know, my kids emptied one of these a year ago. And I still find it. And we’ve moved since then, ”advised a mother, according to The Mirror.

One mother said she was grateful that her child was afraid of Elf On The Shelf. Image: Facebook / Ms. Hinch made me do it. Source: Facebook

Others asked why the mother tried a prank in the first place, and one woman wrote that she just couldn’t because the chaos would kill me. .

« Are you okay? As if I think you need a little more help than just clearing them up, ”one mother teased.

Another was just counting her lucky stars that she hadn’t made at Elf On The Shelf this year.

« Sooo pleased my kid is scared of the creepy elf who can only sit there and can’t move, » she said.

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World News – AU – Mom’s Christmas prank fails spectacularly
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