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Posted: 10:22 GMT, 3. December 2020 | Updated: 10:56 GMT, Jan.. December 2020

A mother whose leg was amputated in a horror car accident was brought out of a coffee shop in tears after staff told her she was not allowed to rest at her outdoor tables.

Former Labor candidate Ali France had on Jan.. November visited a Jamaica Blue cafe in Indooroopilly shopping center in Brisbane with her two teenage sons to pick up hot chocolates.

After undergoing leg surgery a few weeks earlier, the 47-year-old leaned on an electric scooter and decided to sit at one of the tables in the cafe outside while her son ordered drinks.

But she was quickly met by « cruel » waiters who told her she could not sit at the table without ordering food – even though Ms. France informed her of her disability.

Then a security guard was called to take the ‘humiliated’ mother out of the cafe when she burst into tears while other customers watched in horror.

Former Labor candidate Ali France (pictured), who lost her leg in a car accident in 2011, was brought out of a Brisbane cafe in tears after staff told her she was not at her outdoor tables allowed to sit.

Ms. France had on 21. Visited the Jamaica Blue Cafe in Indooroopilly Shopping Center on November 11th when she was escorted by security

‘It was my first shopping trip with the kids after surgery a few weeks ago. Movement hurts. I was in my electric scooter and after shopping we had to rest and refuel, ”she tweeted.

‘I was relieved to get off the scooter as it has no lumbar support. Another family sat across from us. ‘

Ms. France said she was then asked by a waiter if she had to leave the area as it was going to be closed soon and she could only sit there when she ordered food.

‘I asked him to let us stay until the order came in and said I had just come out of the hospital. He said if I didn’t move he would call security, ”she said.

‘I said call security, we just bought hot chocolates from you and they have yet to be delivered. Then he said, « How dare you when asked if you should go? ». ‘

The disabled attorney said the waiter also told her that she hadn’t completed the COVID-19 registration form – something she couldn’t reach on her scooter because it was at the checkout of the busy cafe.

‘Security has arrived. I had tears in my eyes. I explained that I was sitting and waiting for my order. The order has arrived, ”said Ms. France.

‘There were a lot of people around us seeing and staring. I hadn’t even had a chance to take a sip of the hot chocolate. I got back on the scooter sobbing.

‘It doesn’t happen often that I fight my corner, but it tore me to pieces, upset me. Because while it was just one terrifying encounter of many, it won’t be the last. ‘

The mother said she was disturbed for days and decided to tell her story on Thursday that it was International Day of People with Disabilities.

A spokesman for Jamaica Blue said the company « wishes to sincerely apologize for any crime or embarrassment Ali France and his family have experienced ». .

‘We serve hundreds of people with disabilities in our cafes every day, and we employ many people with disabilities. We are deeply disappointed with this incident and we apologize without reservation. ‘

Ms. France was hit by a runaway car outside the Highpoint Shopping Center in Brisbane in May 2011.

The older man behind the wheel crashed into the mother, who was pushing her son in a stroller and pushing him against another car.

Her injuries were so severe that her leg had to be amputated above her left knee.

The former Labor member ran for the Dickson seat against Peter Dutton in last year’s elections.

Ms. France was hit by a runaway car outside the Highpoint Shopping Center in Brisbane in May 2011.

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