Weltnachrichten – AU – Red-bellied black snake emerges from the hood of the family car


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A teenager says she jumped out of her skin after a double encounter with a red-bellied black snake.

Georgia Riggs, 18, of the Lower Inman Valley near Victor Harbor, was in the passenger seat of the family car driving through Hindmarsh Tiers when a small red-bellied black snake poked its head from under the hood. Her mother stopped and they called Snake Catchers Adelaide.

A red-bellied black snake appeared under the hood and startled a family in the car. Image: Georgia RiggsSource: Supplied

A South Australian family was in shock after a snake emerged from the hood of their car.

The family was traveling through Hindmarsh Tiers, about 55 kilometers south of Adelaide, on Wednesday afternoon when 18-year-old Georgia Riggs, in the passenger seat, saw the little red-bellied black snake appear in front of the windshield.

Ms. Riggs said she had been driving all day before and had no idea when or how the snake got under the hood.

The Victor Harbor resident said her three « brave » siblings, ages six, ten and eleven, were in the back seat as the situation unfolded.

« I remember looking right in front of me and thinking, » I don’t remember we had a radio antenna on our car, but maybe we do. « . It looked a little thick to be a radio antenna, ”she told NCA NewsWire.

A family from the Lower Inman Valley near Victor Harbor was driving through Hindmarsh Tiers when a red-bellied black snake lifted its head from under the hood. Image: Georgia RiggsSource: Supplied

« Then I saw a small forked tongue and very calmly said to mom, » I think there is a snake on the outside of our car. « . Then we closed all the vents because they were gone.

After Steve Brown of Snake Catchers Adelaide made a call for help, he showed up 20 minutes later and informed the family that the reptile had slipped and was no longer in the car.

« He said the engine had been on for half an hour so he should have fried. It was too hot in there, ”said Ms. Riggs.

« So we got back in the car … and I went to the passenger side, opened my door and looked down to see where my feet were and the line was a foot away from me.

Ms. Riggs said Mr. Brown had already left but was taking his breaks when he heard her scream.

« I’ve never seen anyone run so fast. He went on a wild goose hunt to get this snake. ”

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World news – AU – Red-bellied black snake emerges from the hood of the family car
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