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Environmental science wasn’t even on the curriculum for VCE students at Koonung Secondary College last year. Too few students were interested in creating a viable classroom.

But the 11th grade student. Classmates, Claire Morgan, and some of her friends were interested, so they stood up for their classmates and their school, and drummed up enough buyers for the Mont Albert North State School to graduate 12th this year. Class again.

Claire Morgan is the only student on the VCE Roll of Honor with a 50 in Environmental Sciences. Photo credit: Eddie Jim

Yesterday three members of this class were honored in the VCE Honor Roll, which recognizes students who achieve a study score of 40 or higher.

There are more than 14. 000 names on the list, each of whom recognizes a student whose score makes them the top 9 percent in the state for the subject.

Under these names are a handful of students who stand alone and score a perfect 50, often in less popular subjects.

Claire is one of them – the only student in the state to have received the Honor Roll for a Perfect Score in Environmental Sciences.

« Especially for students, we all think about it because it will have a big impact on our future, but I haven’t fully understood how climate change is happening and what the consequences and consequences of this is, » said Claire.

She was on a topic that dispassionately explores the relationship between humans and the environment, and the social and economic pros and cons of development, fossil fuel consumption, and renewable energy.

One assessment included, for example, an analysis of the economic and environmental impact of building a bridge to an island and then the question of whether it was an ecologically sustainable development.

« I’ve never learned about the environment and climate change or the people who affect it like I did in environmental sciences, » she said.

In 2020, fewer than 300 students took part in an expanded survey, a new topic that allows kids to choose their own topic and be obsessive about it for a year.

Sharni Seamons, an 11th grade student. Class at Beaconhills College in Berwick, was the only student to get 50 points, a shock that made her cry.

Sharni examined the portrayal of women in popular music videos and whether it influenced adolescent girls’ views of gender roles.

Her research included hours of critical reading, marathon viewing of the 100 most popular music videos on YouTube, and a controlled screening where she got two groups of teenage girls to watch two sets of videos, one with sexualized depictions of Women and one without.

Sharni said the subject enabled her to develop her interest in feminism in ways that no other subject in the VCE curriculum could have.

« This is where [advanced investigation] came in really useful, so that I could really investigate something I wouldn’t have an opportunity to do if I hadn’t done the subject, » she said.

Your teacher, Alan James, said he was surprised the topic had not worked out since it was first introduced in 2014 and said there was a « great fear factor » in accepting it.

« It does not attract a wider audience, although the world of education is based on so-called self-directed learning skills of the 21st century. Century, « he said.

Elsewhere, Sofia Tuszynski from the Sacre Coeur Catholic Girls School was the only student on the roll of honor with a 50 in Australian history, Luci Whitelake from Princes Hill Secondary College was all alone with a 50 in Classical Studies, and Monique from Ballarat Clarendon College Gelatly was the only student to score 50 in health care (VCE VET).

Only two students achieved a 50 in Business (VCE VET); Erin Joy and Mia Blackman, both in the same class at MLC.

Erin said she reveled in how hands-on and focused the unit was in preparing students for work in business, including a mandatory work experience spent in a real estate office.

« A lot of the other subjects are very theoretical, not real experience, so it was nice to get some insight, » she said.

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Adam Carey is an education editor. He joined The Age in 2007 and previously worked in the government, transportation, general news, arts and food sectors.

New Year’s Eve, Sydney, Australia

World News – AU – Standing tall: The VCE students who passed subjects with a perfect score
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