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Posted: 18:14 GMT, Jan.. December 2020 | Updated: 3:31 PM GMT, Jan.. December 2020

A six-year-old boy from Connecticut secretly gave 16. Spent $ 000 on his mother’s credit card to purchase upgrades to his favorite video game, Sonic Forces.

In July, George Johnson went on a shopping spree with his mother Jessica’s iPad in the Apple App Store and bought virtual “gold rings” for US $ 1. $ 99 to $ 99. 99 who have unlocked new characters and levels.

They say Apple refused to return the money and said the parents didn’t turn on the childproof settings.

Apple said they take such problems very seriously and know that errors can occur. They’ll also study each request and work with the parent to understand what tools are available to manage their child’s use of Apple devices.

Real estate agent Jessica Johnson, 41, of Wilton, compared her child’s behavior to a drug addict and called the games « predatory ». .

« It’s like my 6 year old is drinking cocaine – and making bigger and bigger hits, » she said.

‘These games are designed to be completely predatory and trick children into buying things. What adult would spend $ 100 on a chest of virtual gold coins? ‘

Jessica, who works on contract, said, “How? I’ll pay him $ 4 to clean his room. I didn’t get a paycheck from March to September. My income has dropped 80 percent this year. I literally told George, « I don’t know about Christmas. ’’

Connecticut mom Jessica Johnson, 41, with her husband and two sons, including video game addict George, 6, right, pictured on social media

It started in July when the mother of two, whose husband looks after the children full time, reported working from home because of the pandemic and failed to notice that her iPad had been taken by her younger child in the next room the New York Post.

On 9. July appeared on their card from Apple charges of 2. $ 500 that she failed to recognize due to the way they were bundled and didn’t appear to be associated with a video game.

She initially thought it must be fraud, so called the bank and filed a fraud lawsuit as soon as her bill was 16. Reached $ 293. 10.

It wasn’t until October, three months later, that her bank confirmed the charges were legitimate and asked them to contact Apple.

It wasn’t until Apple went through a « buried list of all charges » and saw a Sonic icon that they knew who the culprit was.

Apple says when a new device is set up it will ask parents if they want to set up parental controls. Passcodes and passwords should be used and then not given to children to prevent them from making purchases without permission.

The video game Sonic Forces was George Johnson’s « favorite, » but after his shopping spree of 16. His mother can’t afford her mortgage $ 000.

George Johnson used his mother’s credit card to purchase virtual « rings » for $ 1. $ 99 to $ 99. 99 without telling her

‘The reason I didn’t call within 60 days is because Chase told me it was likely a scam – PayPal and Apple. com are top allegations of fraud, ‘she said.

She added: ‘[Apple] said’ Tough ‘. They told me there was nothing they could do because I didn’t call within 60 days of the charges. ‘

Jessica said she had no compassion even if she said they couldn’t afford the mortgage on their house now.

‘If I had known there was an attitude for it, of course I wouldn’t have allowed my 6 year old to almost 20. Billed $ 000 for virtual gold rings. ‘

Jessica would like to warn other parents not to set the childproof settings before children play with iPads and phones.

‘Check your security settings. I am appalled that this is even possible in these games and that Apple devices are not preset to prevent this, ”she said.

‘My son did not understand that the money was real. How could he He’s playing a cartoon game in a world he knows isn’t real. Why should the money be real for him? That would take a huge cognitive leap. ‘

She added, “I may have to force this kid to repay me in 15 years when they get their first job. ‘

According to Apple, customers are made aware of purchases through email receipts. Hence, users should make sure they have access to the email address they registered with to see what purchases are being made through their account.

They also said that there was a feature to buy so that the request would be sent to the family organizer when a child initiates a new purchase from their account – although in that case it wouldn’t because George was their mother’s uses iPad.

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