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Australian camp is preparing to tighten restrictions in the team’s bladder following a coronavirus outbreak in Victoria.

Victoria recorded five cases of COVID-19 on Thursday in addition to three positive cases from Wednesday.

The Australian and Indian teams usually flew to Sydney on New Year’s Eve, but their departure was postponed to Monday to cut down the time players and team staff were exposed to the stricter protocols for Sydney’s last two games, the series.

There was no biosecurity reinforcement Thursday night, but hit coach Andrew McDonald, who suffered a strict lockdown during Melbourne City’s second wave of broadcasts, is expecting changes.

« It’s one of those things that everything moves pretty quickly. We need to make sure we are not exposing ourselves to unnecessary risk.

« If this becomes a problem, things will no doubt change for us, but also for the general public.

« As a Victorian in the winter months, things were done pretty quickly. So I am sure that the health ministers and . . . Ben Oliver will assess this risk to make sure we are not exposed to anything unnecessary in this sense. « 

Australia’s coaches are aware of the impact months of bubble life have on players, some of whom have been in a hub environment since mid-August.

While players in Adelaide and Melbourne could dine and go to outdoor cafes in restaurants, they were only allowed to leave their Sydney and Brisbane hotels to train and play.

« We don’t necessarily have the solutions for this right now, but you’re definitely right. We have to find different ways to refresh our players and make sure that is not a performance factor, « said McDonald.

« That is the key, everything we do must have a performance advantage and also a life balance advantage.

« One of the greatest things about bubble life is that, as a human, much of your autonomy is being taken away from you.

« We love to wake up in the morning and be able to make decisions for ourselves while the bubble life really tells you what those decisions or how that day will play out for you. There is definitely something to consider. « 

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World news – AU – Coach expects stricter bubble rules after the outbreak
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Trainer expects stricter bladder rules after the breakout
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