Weltnachrichten – AU – « Worst decision of all time » makes Supercars fans angry


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longtime Supercars commentator Mark Larkham says he’s « just thrilled » with the reaction to his ax from the sport’s television shows.

Supercars announced on Friday that Larkham will not be part of the coverage in 2021, and the rumor mill is in full swing that future coverage will be simplified to appeal to a wider audience.

The ax has alienated the hardcore fans of the sport. An online petition called for Larkham to be reinstated after more than 17. 000 signatures were collected.

Crompton and Larkham collected more than 62 percent of the vote in a Speedcafe poll to determine the best presenter in Australia.

The decision to get rid of Larkham was criticized by Erebus team owner Betty Klimenko, who said Larkham’s ability to solve complex engineering problems was unmatched.

« Larko has some way of making it easy for everyone, and his tech talk taught me, or should I say explained things in a way I could understand, since it wasn’t in a language only engineers understand.

« Sometimes I just nod, not wanting to look like an idiot, and it has been known that I run away to find Larko, who explains it to me. « 

« Sport gets worse due to the lack of presence, it brings with it energy and enthusiasm that cannot be bottled. « 

« While I’m not a social media player, I couldn’t avoid the thousands of comments, petition, and web pages regarding my departure from Supercars TV, » he wrote.

« I’m sitting here and just dropping on my ass while I write this. With my hand tight on my heart I’m really deep, deeply humiliated. I’ve torn – s – t, how not to be influenced by the amount of comment and kindness – completely blown away is an understatement. So thank you very much.

« I accept and respect the position of supercars to take a different path and change the primary broadcast team, rightly or wrongly. They will have no other desire to do anything other than what they think is best for the growth of the sport. « 

Free to air coverage of the series produced by Supercars Media will be moved from Channel 10 to Channel 7 for 2021.

Larkham, who finished third at Bathurst in 1997 and clinched pole for the race in 1999, led his own team until 2005 before moving into the media.

The 56-year-old said he will continue to love the sport and focus on his video and content creation business.

« Aside from the current sadness, your kindness on a personal level also meant the world to me and made my weekend a lot happier, » he added.

« More than that, your comments made me feel very fulfilled. Now move on to the next chapter because you know this, you feel right, and you are very important to me. Thanks again.

« If we are trying to work hard in our professional lives to get a result and that result gives people a little joy, then they will go out of their way to take the time to tell you what more could someone want maybe?

« I really hope you keep saying g’day when we meet on the street. I would like that.

« Finally, I have a favor to ask on the way out. Please do not boycott Supercars sponsors as advertised. I understand your passion, I really do, but like you they are the lifeblood of the sport and the teams – so give these guys love. « 

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World News – AU – Worst decision of all time enrages Supercars fans

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