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I’m a celebrity . . . Get me out of here! Star Abbie Chatfield has beaten back viewers who were unhappy that she was cast on the reality show.

I am a celebrity . . . Get me out of here! Star Abbie Chatfield has beaten back viewers who were unhappy that she was cast on the reality show.

I’m a Celebrity Star Abbie Chatfield has beaten back viewers who were unhappy she was featured on the reality show.

Abbie, who appeared on Matt Agnew’s 2019 season of The Bachelor, was one of nine celebs who walked into the jungle at the premiere last night.

As soon as she hit screens, Twitter lit up with a mixture of positive and negative responses.

Look, all I’m saying is that I’m usually not the one who sees #ImACelebrityAU, but you can bet I’m looking for the Queen who is Abbie Chatfield #QUEEN

Was on board with the « celebrities » until Abbie. I’m not sure if I can watch her at camp with her as I’m not a fan at all. In fact, the living daylight from me irritates them. #ImACelebrityAU pic. Twitter. com / wGt9JPFZZr

I want Abbie to take the crown just to piss off all haters. Absolutely shameful how many people already humiliate themselves and are inappropriate to her. You just can’t stand a confident #ImACelebrityAU


Yâ ???? everyone hates Abbie so much but her name is still in all of yâ ???? all mouths #ImACelebrityAU pic. Twitter. com / OKmahDbME0

If people don’t like Abbie because they’re obviously being hinted at by someone young and hot and relevant #imacelebrityau

Abbie just because you think you can put it all out ???? doesn’t mean you should. . There are some things that people just don’t need to know. . #ImACelebrityAU

I think part of the reason I like Abbie is because she is so open. But does it seem to make a lot of people feel uncomfortable? I don’t have a filter either (especially when I meet new people). Maybe that’s why I’m telling you? #ImACelebrityAU

Can already see Abbie is going to be a royal pain in the ass this season. #ImACelebrityAU

So I think Abbie is going to get the same treatment Laurina got a couple of seasons ago, right? I bet she takes it like a champion too ð ?????? Contrary to what some vapid people are suggesting here, she’s actually a good egg. #ImACelebrityAU

Look, I have nothing against Abbie personally. She seems and acts like the girls who would bully me in school. I am sure this show will try to change my mind, but I say good luck #ImACelebrityAU

Stop giving Abbie airtime. She is so manipulative and all that attention justifies her cruel behavior. #ImACelebrityAU

This season of « I’m a Celebrity » was recorded last month, so Abbie could see audience reactions on social media last night.

On her Instagram story last night, Abbie responded to all of the tweets by saying, « Half of Twitter hates me, half of Twitter loves me. I see you xxx. ”

Abbie, who has been mercilessly trolled on social media since his appearance on The Bachelor, also wrote on Instagram: « People on Twitter are so crazy they say, » Get off our screens. « Babe you trolled me, you made me. ”

Abbie previously spoke publicly about the malicious comments she’s received on social media over the past few years.

In a lengthy post last year, she said she was worried for her safety after receiving death threats online.

After sharing a series of threat messages, Abbie wrote on Instagram, « F ** k you if you’ve ever shared anything near this with anyone. Because of this, people commit suicide after being catapulted into the spotlight by a television show.

« Am I grateful for my bachelor’s degree? Yes! EVERYTHING anyone does on these shows guarantees this? F ** K NO. These are just 10 of the messages I’ve saved over the past year. A year later, there is still a threat of violence, naming, threats to my safety and general derogatory comments. ”

She continued: “At one point I was afraid to be recognized in public for fear for my safety. I still worry when people ask me for photos, say something that hurts me, or take a picture with me and joke about me with their friends.

« This is not a joke. That’s not funny and that’s not fair. I shouldn’t sleep because I’m afraid someone might break into my apartment and strangle me! « 

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I’m a celebrity. . . Get me out of here !, Toni Pearen

World news – AU – « You made me »: I’m a celebrity star, Abbie Chatfield reacts to trolls
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