Weltnachrichten – CA – CODI on Shark Tank: What makes this pillar learning robot so special and where can you buy one?


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Viewers will be introduced to CODI on Shark Tank as the product is presented in front of the group of sharks who can decide if it’s the smart toy worth spending some of their capital on invest.

Based on the technology, the column learning robot seems to be very popular with them as it is a fun and engaging way for kids to learn and participate in daily habits.

Here’s what you need to know about CODI from Pillar Learning and where to buy one for the holidays or after.

CODI is the latest intelligent technology that helps children develop when they are not studying in a classroom. The interactive toy, designed for kids 12 months and older, arrived on Friday the 11th. December 2020, in the Shark Tank episode.

Basically, it’s a storytelling robot that can also act as a DJ to provide classic songs for kids and entertain them. In addition, CODI can encourage good habits for children, such as:. B.. take a nap, clean up after yourself, and brush your teeth.

The CODI library contains 130 classic stories using dedicated speakers and 100 classic songs for children to sing and dance to. The robot uses Wi-Fi for functions, but it can also play saved stories and songs offline. That makes it great for travel.

Part of the concept is to keep kids busy, active, and productive without necessarily being glued to a screen, whether it’s a TV, tablet, or other device.

What really makes CODI unique is the AI ​​technology it uses when interacting with children. As a smart robot, it continuously learns and adapts to a child’s interests for a more personalized experience that they will benefit from.

Parents can also download a free app that they can use in conjunction with CODI. This allows you to control content, monitor what the kids were playing on the device, and set up routines. The app also enables parents to communicate back and forth with their children using voice messages via CODI.

A video from 2018 (below) gives an insight into why the product developer made the item and what makes it so great for kids.

It’s the latest tech gadget for a Shark Tank episode, bringing together cutting edge elements like the SparkCharge portable charger and LIFTiD.

Based on the details from CODI, it seems like a no-brainer that at least one or more of the Sharks would be interested in making this smart robot more accessible to more families and possibly adding new concepts to its capabilities.

Customers can purchase CODI, the storytelling robot, on the Pillar Learning website, where the products are shipped from the USA.

The intelligent robot toy has an original price of $ 124. 99, but before Christmas it was reduced to $ 99. 99.

In addition to the CODI device, a USB charger, an adapter and currently a free blue snowsuit are also included with which CODI can be equipped for the winter season. The jumpsuit was listed as a limited-time special at the time of this writing.

There are also other outfits as additional accessories. This includes fun concepts like a monkey, unicorn, or dinosaur, as well as a package of professional outfits that sells at different costs.

For more information on the intelligent robot, please visit the website above. Pillar Learning also has an official Instagram page with all kinds of pictures, videos, reviews, and a lot more to show how great this article is for kids.

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World news – CA – CODI about shark tank: What makes this column-learning robot so special and where can you buy one?

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