Weltnachrichten – CA – « SNL » fakes Trump Legal Team’s election challenge with « My Pillow Guy » as a witness


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Saturday Night Live (SNL) targeted U’s efforts. S.. . President Donald Trump’s legal team is set to prove widespread electoral fraud allegations on his last cold Saturday and falsify this week’s hearings between the president’s lawyers and the House Oversight Committee in Michigan.

The Cold Open featured SNL cast Mikey Day and Ego Nwodim as two Michigan lawmakers chairing the hearing and Kate McKinnon repeating her role as Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani.

« It is an honor and one of the great horrors of my life to welcome President Trump’s personal attorney Rudy Giuliani, » said Day’s account of Michigan Oversight Committee chairman Matt Hall.

McKinnon’s Giuliani said it was great to be in the courtroom « where I’m not the accused, » and he and Trump would pick up the « illegal votes » in places like « Georg-ilyvania », « Pensachussets » and « North DeCanada. ”

Reacting to McKinnon’s failure to meet the legal team’s previous challenges, Day argued that the president’s lawsuits were all lost because no evidence had been presented.

McKinnon took this as a challenge, and brought up a number of strange and unusual witnesses to come up with evidence ranging from My Pillow founder Mike Lindell and Nicole Kidman’s character of « The Undoing » to an alien conspiracy theorist.

« Hello, I’m Mike Lindell – inventor of My Pillow. Did you know that a Demoraq can hide over a million fake ballot papers in a My Pillow and still sleep well, refreshed and ready to steal the elections? « said Lindell of cast member Beck Bennett in an obvious ad for his product.

Other witnesses included a person who worked with Dominion Voting Systems, played by actress Cecily Strong, and an unnamed witness from Heidi Gardner who claimed she received the ballots after the Democrats pulled up a food truck to feed them. « Ballot sandwiches » and « Ballot spaghetti ». ”

The cast eventually included cast members Kyle Mooney and Pete Davidson, who portrayed two members of a far-right group who planned to kidnap Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer earlier this year.

« In summary, I would say the defense is on hold, but we will never rest – not until that election is overturned or until I get a full apology and $ 10 million in cash, » concluded McKinnon’s Giuliani.

« And if you liked what you saw here today, we have a press conference right after that at the Ritz-Carlton plumbing and heating utility between five and ninety-four between a filthy movie theater and a crematorium. ”

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