Weltnachrichten – GB – Birds of a Feather cast at length why Pauline Quirke rejected reunification ‘It’s strange’


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Birds of a Feather will be back on ITV on Christmas Eve for a one-time festive special. Linda Robson will return as Tracey Stubbs while Lesley Joseph suppresses her role as Dorien Green. Pauline Quirkes Sharon Theodopolopodus will not be in the special and her former co-stars showed why in an appearance in Lorraine.

Ranvir Singh stood up for Lorraine Kelly and said: « Pauline Quirke is not involved. Did you miss her

« We missed her and it was a very strange feeling because like you said we’ve been together for over 30 years so it’s an amazing connection, » Lesley continued.

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« I think Pauline wants to focus on other things that I absolutely understand. That’s absolutely fine. « .

« But I think there is still a lot of life in the old girls, to be honest I think we are still alive and kicking. It’s a very funny episode. ”

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“Dear Birds of A Feather and dear Les Dennis – look forward to seeing that! I repeat the disappointment with no Pauline Quirke – without her it will feel strange … ”wrote another.

A third added: “Birds of a Feather without Pauline is like Morecambe & Wise without Ernie. . . Why not wait to film when available? “

Whenever Ranvir asked the stars a question, Lesley would respond, and fans worried that Linda would not get a chance to speak.

A third added, « Lesley Joseph likes the sound of her own voice, doesn’t she? Poor Linda can’t say a word on #lorraine #birdsofafeather. ”

Lorraine airs on ITV at 9am on weekdays. Birds of a Feather will air on ITV at 9 a.m. on Christmas Eve. 3pm.

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World News – GB – Birds of a Feather cast in detail why Pauline Quirke rejected reunification. ‘ It is strange’
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