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It was one win that gave Manchester United their first home win of the season, but another one that offered more questions than answers. Principle among them: Where would F *** Ole Gunnar Solskjaer be without Bruno Fernandes?

He almost certainly wouldn’t have been in the apartment tonight. Many still have doubts about the manager’s qualifications, and this surly victory provided little evidence to support Solskjaer’s case.

This was hardly the first unattractive display on Solskjaer’s watch. Louis van Gaal and Jose Mourinho were denounced for similar accomplishments. For the three managers, the common denominator is again many players on the pitch this evening. The difference between Solskajer’s side and those of his predecessors is the presence of Fernandes.

The Portuguese playmaker, and perhaps Marcus Rashford, if he’s not working like he did against the winless Baggies, remain the only redeeming traits of this United team.

Fernandes is not perfect. He had the lowest passing accuracy of any home team and it was this perceived mistake that reportedly gave United the chance to sign him in the first place. According to reports, a number of applicants have been banned from Fernandes because of the regularity with which he gives away the ball – United themselves steered clearly for this reason in the summer of 2019. Only when they had no other choice and Solskjaer had nothing more to lose in January did they use a clear run against the Portuguese star.

Fernandes was guilty of giving the ball away tonight. Almost a quarter of his passes went astray, but without his willingness to look for the forward pass, United would be even harder to see than they already are. He’s the only driving force, the only lingering threat to any United opponent.

The 26-year-old has played 34 times since moving from Sporting Lisbon at the end of January. His two-time penalty was 32. Goal in which he played a direct role. Over the same period, Rashford is United’s second-highest contribution, contributing to 17 goals. This season, United have not yet scored a Premier League goal that did not involve Fernandes or Rashford.

Fernandes on achieving 50% (7/14) of his PL goals for #MUFC from the penalty spot: « People criticize this situation with the words » penalties, penalties « . .
« I’ve seen a lot of teams lose the final – World Cup, Euro, Champions League – on penalties. That’s an important part of the game. « . ”

Fernandes stands out a mile in most metrics, as well as the intangibles that go into every achievement. United’s No.. 18 is the first player after Sir Alex Ferguson, certainly the first recruit not called Zlatan and ready to at least try to bring his teammates to his level, even if it is a losing match. So many of Solskjaer’s players will take the first hiding place available to them when the going gets tough, but Fernandes has always been inspired when the flak starts to fly. Fortunately for those currently unable to do this at Stretford End, Fernandes is also ready to hand it out if the standards slide, as they often do.

Against West Brom, Fernandes almost equaled Paul Pogba for conceding penalties, but he was saved by VAR. David Coote ultimately judged the United star had just enough contact with the ball when he put Conor Gallagher on the floor. It was a clumsy move, perhaps as sloppy as Pogba’s concessions to Spurs and Arsenal. But unlike Pogba, Fernandes is ready to do the dirty work and since no teammate has faced more tackles this season, much like he did when he died, one or the other will occasionally get a different result than intended.

Maybe it’s not difficult to stand out on Solskjaer’s team. Too often in the last few years simply being seen to give a shit has been accepted as input enough, especially when so many players seem to struggle with even this smallest minimum. There doesn’t seem to be a lack of effort and desire in the locker room, and Solskjaer can be credited with that, but the quality and character are undoubtedly lacking. Without Fernandes, it’s unthinkable to imagine how bad United could do.

Jose supposedly finished after Man Utd refused to follow suit, but those malleable spurs could make him special again. . .

Phil Jones deserves it better than the injuries, but so does the memes, the ridicule and the guilt.

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« But I think Scholes is the one who makes more of a difference than anyone else. « 

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Fernandes explains the implications of his family and admits he struggles to be beaten by his daughter.

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Man City are the big climbers last season while United are going the other way. What else is there?

Klopp predicts an « open title race », but how is the current rating compared to previous seasons? Cheap with 2015-16. . .

Phil Jones deserves it better than the injuries, but so does the memes, the ridicule and the guilt.

Tottenham were able to play directly through Man City in the counterattack. Or be cooped up and make mistakes.

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