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Posted: 09:36 GMT, 3. December 2020 | Updated: 09:45 GMT, Nov.. December 2020

A politician named after Adolf Hitler won a seat in a Namibian election – but says he has no plans for world domination.

Adolf Hitler Uunona was elected with 85 percent of the vote in the former German colony, in which some streets, places and people still have German names.

After the politician had won his seat on the map of the ruling SWAPO party, which has ruled Namibia since independence from apartheid in South Africa in 1990, he told Bild that he had « nothing to do with » National Socialist ideology.

‘My father named me after this man. He probably didn’t understand what Adolf Hitler stood for, ”said his namesake.

‘As a kid, I saw it as a perfectly normal name. It wasn’t until I was a teenager that I understood that this man wanted to conquer the whole world. ‘

Left: Adolf Hitler Uunona, who won a seat in a Namibian regional election; right: the real Adolf Hitler at a NSDAP congress in 1935

The politician said his wife calls him Adolf and added that he usually passes Adolf Uunona, but that it is « too late » to officially change his name.

« The fact that I have that name doesn’t mean I want to conquer Oshana, » he said, referring to the region where he won the election. “That doesn’t mean that I strive for world domination. ‘

Uunona won 1 in the last election. 196 votes against 213 votes for his opponent and thus received a seat on the regional council.

His SWAPO party won 57 percent of the vote nationwide, a sharp drop from 83 percent in the previous regional elections in 2015.

Namibia was once known as German South West Africa and was a German colony from 1884 until the loss of the empire after the First World War.

German soldiers with captured natives in Namibia in 1905 when the country was part of the short-lived German colonial empire

The real Hitler later used the humiliation of the post-war Treaty of Versailles as a propaganda tool to gain support for the Nazis in the 1920s and 1930s.

Hitler’s genocide during World War II long overshadowed the German atrocities in Namibia, but the pressure for redress has increased in recent years.

German soldiers slaughtered 65 between 1904 and 1908. 000 Herero and 10. 000 Nama tribesmen in a bloody campaign to suppress a local uprising.

Last year, a German minister called the massacre during a visit to the African country genocide.

A small German-speaking community still lives in the country today, and around 120 visit every year. 000 Germans Namibia.

The German government says it has a « special responsibility » towards Namibia « due to the » common colonial past of the two countries « . .

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Adolf Hitler, Namibia

World news – GB – Politician named after Adolf Hitler wins election in Namibia
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