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By Andrew Forbes 4. January 2021

understaffed. Underrated. And possibly one of the more exciting teams to put on a show at the 2021 World Junior Tournament, Team Germany Edmonton leaves with a word on the tongue after a quarter-final loss to the Russians. success.

After all, that’s exactly what they should consider after they fell 2-1 to Team Russia on Saturday’s quarter-finals. While the defeat might at least sting a bit for the players and their coaching staff, the tournament as a whole must be viewed as a real success for a German squad who has never seen playoff action at this tournament.

Let’s be honest, things didn’t look particularly good for the Germans after the first two round robin games. Heck, even before the ice was taken for the first game against Finland, the team was understaffed as the players tested positive for COVID-19. That and the fact that Lukas Reichel neither traveled with them to Edmonton, nor Moritz Seider, Germany, envisaged a tough battle from the start.

Still, a 5-3 loss to Finland at the start of the tournament wasn’t a terrible result. A 16-2 massacre in the second half of a duel by the Canadians didn’t exactly give confidence to a team led by JJ Peterka and Ottawa Senator Tim Stutzle.

Given the opportunity to advance the game against Canada, the Germans stumbled upon the first two games and knew they were against tournament powerhouses. They got up again and were ready for the third game against the Slovaks after being figuratively knocked down in the first two games.

Nevertheless, both losses could be rated positively. They had five goals against two of the best teams in the tournament and Florian Elias quickly became the third among the three musketeers of Stutzle and Peterka. In the first two games, Elias led the German squad with four points.

But when social media quickly debated whether teams like Germany were part of the World Junior Tournament, the Germans let us eat our words with a tough fight against the Slovaks followed by another big game – at least from their point of view – against the Swiss.

Offensive was not the problem for Germany in this tournament. After five goals in the first two games, the Germans have scored four against the Slovaks and five against the Swiss.

The trio of Peterka, Stutzle and Elias made up 87 percent of the team’s goals in the round robin game and were among the top 5 in the tournament. In addition, the team’s special teams made a huge difference – being the only team to score eight power play goals in the preliminary round. eval (ez_write_tag ([[336,280], ‘thehockeywriters_com-Leader-2’, ‘ezslot_3’, 665, ‘0’, ‘0’]);

The two wins brought Germany a 2-2 round-robin record and first place in the country’s quarter-finals in tournament history. That alone should be seen as a huge achievement for a team that has been relegated from tournament play so many times over the years.

Even with their victories, the Germans didn’t have the full squad. As mentioned, Reichel did not travel to Canada and it was only after defeating the Swiss that the Germans got their players back from quarantine.

Of the five games played at WJC 2021, Germany only had two games. It’s not easy to build chemistry when that’s the case – especially when one of those games is the quarter-finals against the annoying Russian squad.

But they haven’t looked for excuses and I don’t want to make any for them. In fact, this is not about how they failed to advance in the playoff rounds, but about the success they had at the tournament this year. eval (ez_write_tag ([[580,400], ‘thehockeywriters_com-large-mobile-banner-2’, ‘ezslot_1’, 668, ‘0’, ‘0’]);

Aside from her offense, her goalkeeper had some problems early in the tournament. Say what you will say about the totals, but Florian Bugl may have been part of the resolution when it came to turning Germany around in this tournament.

He played three games for the Germans after missing the team’s first two games – both defeats – and helped turn the tournament around for them. In his three games he ended with a 2-1 record, with his defeat in the quarterfinals being lost by the Russians. He posted a good savings percentage at . 897 and a 2. 95 goals against the average.

But Bugl has also seen 87 shots in his three games – an average of 29 shots per game, while he only gave up an average of three goals per game. Still not the numbers of a goalkeeper in a top-end tournament, but certainly a step in the right direction for a nation that has fought in this tournament for far too long. eval (ez_write_tag ([[336,280], ‘thehockeywriters_com-large-mobile-banner-1’, ‘ezslot_0’, 670, ‘0’, ‘0’]);

While a quarter-final may not be successful for many of the countries participating in this tournament, Germans need to use this as a learning experience and view World Juniors 2021 as a national success story – at least until next year.

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World news – USA – The 2021 Junior World Championships were a success for Germany
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