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Hour 2:50: After some turmoil at the top of each class, your leaders in LMP2 and LMP3 are now cars # 18 Era Motorsport and # 33 Sean Creech Motorsport.

Hour 2:45: Cadillac No. 5 and Acura No. 10, the direct beneficiaries of the problems for the two leading Action Express Racing Cadillacs in the final warning phase, are in an intense battle for the overall lead. The Acura seems to be fast enough to keep up with the Cadillac.

Hour 2:40: Back to the green. James Calado, driver of the Ferrari # 62, was given a penalty for the previous accident.

Hour 2:27, Warning # 4: The Cadillacs # 31 and # 48 stop for emergency service on, which means they pits on a closed lane so they don’t run out of fuel before the pits are officially opened. A disaster for both of them who still have to make a point. Those were two of the top three cars overall, but they’ll restart in the back of the DPi field.

Hour 2:23, attention no. 4: Risi Competizione no. 62 was only fighting for the GTLM lead. Now it’s in a wall. LMP car # 38 had hard contact with the Ferrari, who drove into the chicane of the bus stop, turned the Ferrari and pulled out the safety car.

None of the cars are particularly damaged, and the Ferrari was able to immediately after Accident get going again, but repairs to rubble and barriers force a standstill here.

The Performance Tech LMP3 car involved in this incident led this class. The Ferrari finished second in its class. The two cars on either side of the wreck were first and third in GTLM.

Hour 2:19: The best fight on the track is, not surprisingly, in GTLM. The No. 4 Corvette leads by just under a second, and the No. 62 Ferrari and No. 24 BMW are divided by less than two tenths of a second. Three of the four manufacturers in the category are fighting for the class lead.

Hour 2:05: Back to green. The Lexus No. 14 is again at the top at GTD.

Hour 1:58, Warning No. 3: The LMP2 car No. 29 is in the wall in the infield and is stuck in a tire lock. The safety car is out again.

Hour 1:56: Cadillac No. 01, the Chip Ganassi racing car, has taken the lead with a strong step into the chicane at the bus stop. Driver Renger van der Zande had no patience with second place and is now retiring. Cadillacs run 1-2-3-4.

Hour 1:48: After an unusually long caution, we are green again. Cadillac No. 31 has a considerable lead after the restart.

Hour 1:28, Warning No. 2: After stops under yellow, the Cadillac No. 31 now leads the Cadillac No. 48, which was previously driven by Jimmie Johnson has been. Felipe Nasr is still in the leading car and Simon Pagenaud will chase him in 48th.

The cycle of stops has left Corvette No. 4 in the lead in GTLM, while Aston Martin No. 23, Lamborghini No. 18 and Aston Martin No. 97 are now ahead of Lexus No. 14, which is the GTD Leadership has inherited when the No. 12 Lexus had a problem in the pit lane. The Cetilar Racing No. 47 and the Performance Tech No. 38 lead LMP2 and LMP3 respectively.

The LMP2 car No. 81 made contact with the wall and warned against picking up dirt. Other prototypes are in their fuel window and are expected to be used here.

Hour 1:12: The DragonSpeed ​​Racing LMP2 car # 81 is slowly on the track after being locked in Turn 1 and making contact with the Has added guardrail. The car runs without major problems, but obviously needs to be repaired after high-speed contact with a wall.

Hour 1:05: Lexus No. 12, the former GTD driver, had a transponder problem on his first stop and is way behind fallen behind the class leaders. A devastating blow for Vasser Sullivan, whose Lexus No. 14 is now leading.

Hour 1:00: The GTD and GTLM leaders begin to filter into the pit lane for their first stops of the day.

Hour 0:58: GTD Acura No. 44, the Magnus racing car, is in the pit lane and has a problem with a flat tire that has been pulled over the track for a full lap. The car needs to be repaired and has to catch up with the GTD guides.

Hour 0:53: Cadillac No. 5 is in second place overall and Cadillac No. 01 in third place. This battle is about five seconds behind the leading Cadillac.

The Acura No. 60 is about half a minute behind the leaders after a mistake while changing tires. Driver Dane Cameron is ten seconds behind the No. 48 Cadillac, an expected Action Express Racing competitor currently being driven by NASCAR star and new IndyCar rookie, Jimmie Johnson.

Hour 0:45: Wayne Taylor Racing’s # 10 Acura leads after the first stops, the first lead of the day for a non-Cadillac.

This takes one lap: Felipe Nasr makes an aggressive move on Turn 1 and the Cadillac No. 31 leads again. The No. 01 Cadillac and N0. 5 Cadillac are right behind the Acura and ready to move on their own.

Corvette No. 3 is still leading in the GTLM, but Risi Competizione Ferrari has overtaken Corvette No. 4 in second. Lexus No. 12, one of the favorites before the race, is still leading in the GTD.

Hour 0:38: The two Acuras No. 60 and No. 10 both stopped a full lap after the rest of the DPi field which may indicate more fuel economy for this race. The lonely Mazda No. 55 meanwhile has to serve a drive-through penalty.

Hour 0:32: Cadillac No. 01 from Chip Ganassi Racing is the first of the field leaders to stop. All other DPi entries should pause for the next two laps.

Hour 0:30: GTD entry # 28 made a late change, replacing its driver Michael de Quesada with veteran Mike Skeen after de Quesada tested positive for COVID-19 earlier today. Your Mercedes AMG GT3 is currently in eleventh place in the class.

Hour 0:15: Back to green. Cadillac # 31 is gone with the lead, but a bad restart for the # 60 put this Acura in fourth place. The order is now Cadillac-Cadillac-Cadillac-Acura-Acura-Mazda-Cadillac in total.

Two LMP3 cars battle for the lead with contacts, and former class leader # 6 limps across the track with what appears to be a suspension problem. No. 7 is now leading this class.

Hour 0:11, Attention No. 1: The BMW No. 25 driven by Kevin Estre has served a drive-through penalty for his involvement in the incident at the start of the race. Estre is now running last in the class and is in GTD traffic.

The leads have not changed in the three main classes since the Lexus No. 12 entered the GTD leadership under green. The vehicles No. 52 Pr1 Mathiasen and No. 6 Muehlner Motorsports lead LMP2 and LMP3 respectively.

Hour 0:10, Warning No. 1: The GTLM Porsche No. 79 has finally lost its entire rear bumper and is in the middle dropped off on the racing line. A GTD Mercedes almost made it at full speed to avoid the DPi leaders, so the safety car is on its way for the first time today to pick up the considerable debris.

Hour 0:06: Acura No. 60 finished second, overtaking the Action Express Racing Cadillac No. 5 in a move that takes nearly four corners. Felipe Nasr is 3 seconds ahead in Cadillac No. 31.

Hour 0:04: For the first time, Cadillac no longer holds the first three places overall. Her No. 01, the Chip Ganassi Racing entry, lost third place on the track against Meyer Shank Racing’s No. 60 Acura. Some Cadillac drivers have been throwing sandbags to the two Acura teams all week, and there is a very real chance these Acuras are much faster than advertised.

Lexus # 12 takes the lead in GTD, the first Change in leadership in a class of the day.

Hour 0:02: We are two laps in the race and Mazda’s No. 55 already had a problem with the steering wheel. This car is now in seventh and last place in DPi, and reducing the team to a one-car entry is already causing significant problems. The Mazda is fast, but reliability has been a long-term concern. Can they be a serious contender without a second entry?

GT cars hit the green and there is already a problem. Porsche No. 79, WeatherTech Racing’s new GTLM entry, was turned by one of the two Rahal-Letterman Lanigan BMWs and made contact with Risi Competizione Ferraris No. 62 at low speed. That’s half of the six-car GTLM field that was involved in a low-speed collision before the start of the race.

The Porsche is the only one of the three with visible damage, a destroyed rear bumper. However, there is no debris and no caution is required. Corvette Racing leads this class in 1-2 form and has just seen three of its four competitors have suffered damage.

The Rolex 24 in Daytona is already in a DPi era marked by the top class based on standard high-performance engines in combination with LMP2 vehicles. In two years’ time, this will also be the formula for half of the top class at Le Mans. Right now the top of the range is just Cadillacs, Acuras, and a lone Mazda.

In 2023, at least Acura, Audi and Porsche will be represented. Many more announcements are expected.

But for now, all eyes are on the present. Cadillac and Acura both restructured their programs this year. Acura has lost its partnership with Team Penske, but defending race winner Wayne Taylor Racing’s defense and sports car stars Meyer Shank Racing’s return to the top class continue to await championships and big racing wins. Cadillac replaced WTR with an even bigger name and brought Chip Ganassi Racing back to sports cars after a year hiatus after his hugely successful run with the Ford GTLM program. Regardless of whether or not GM and all teams involved have made an official announcement, both are at least looking for potential partnerships for LMDh’s near future. First, however, to win another Rolex 24.

This is the last Rolex 24 in the GTLM. The GT class, which dates back to the ALMS era, has been home to high-ranking factory sports car races for a decade and a half added to the GT3-based GTD category as a pro-only sub-class in the US next year. What this means for Le Mans remains to be seen, but the future of IMSA GT racing is clear. Corvette Racing will once again compete against BMW and two private drivers representing Porsche and Ferrari, and then take part in the high-end GTD battle currently being led by major programs from Lexus and Acura. This year’s GTD race also includes entries from McLaren, Porsche, Audi, Lamborghini, Mercedes, Ferrari and BMW, although most of these teams will not join Corvette in the pro-only sub-category that will be introduced next year.

Finally, a massively expanded LMP2 grid and a new LMP3 category for 2021 fill the field with 49 vehicles with two complete Pro-Am prototypes according to strict rules. These battles are expected to be competitive throughout the race, but the strangely low top speeds and high cornering speeds of these cars could devastate the DPi, GTLM, and GTD competitors as the race progresses.

The race that Find it all day on NBC and its platforms, starts in ten minutes. This live blog follows him minute by minute and is regularly updated with timestamps showing the total number of minutes that have passed in the race.


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